This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 91 If you’re awake then get off

Nie Xiao Jiu panicked, he didn’t have time to think about how he was lying on top of Nie Nan Feng. His first reaction to the saliva was to ‘destroy the evidence’.

So Nie Xiao Jiu lifted his hand to wipe it off and at the same time looked up to see if Nie Nan Feng was awake…

However when he looked up, he met Nie Nan Feng’s slightly bloodshot eyes.

“Big… Big Brother!” Nie Xiao Jiu shivered with fright. What was called a guilty conscience… that was it!

And he had been caught red-handed!

Nie Nan Feng’s face didn’t look very good, he didn’t seem to be angry, but as if he was tired from not having slept the whole night.

Rubbing his nose, Nie Xiao Jiu asked with a guilty conscience: “Big brother, you didn’t stay up all night because I was lying on you right?”

“What do you think?” Nie Nan Feng looked at him with an almost smile.

Nie Xiao Jiu bit his lip, “Big brother why didn’t you just kick me away?”

Before he went to bed last night, he seemed to have been holding Nie Nan Feng’s arm, most likely he had been confused, so he used Nie Nan Feng’s as a pillow.

However, according to Nie Nan Feng’s character, he should have woken him up with an unbearable kick, then added a cold sentence: Nie Xiao Jiu, if you can’t sleep well, get out!

This should have been the correct plot development right?

Nie Nan Feng pursed his lips tightly and closed his eyes slowly, silent.

He had also intended to push Nie Xiao Jiu away, but he just watched him sleep, his face defenseless, his mouth moving at the corners as he dreamt, lying in his arms.

Nie Nan Feng just watched, and watched, and watched till daylight appeared…

If there was one person in the world he couldn’t refuse, it was Xiao Jiu.

Seeing Nie Nan Feng’s eyes closed for a long time without a sound, Nie Xiao Jiu felt a little uneasy in his heart. Was this the calm before the storm?

“If you’re awake then get off.” Nie Nan Feng opened his mouth, but one couldn’t hear any joy or anger in his tone.

Nie Xiao Jiu was surprised, then he reacted. He was still lying on Nie Nan Feng, how dizzying! With a grunt he rolled off Nie Nan Feng.

It was almost eight o’clock now and they definitely didn’t need to go on the morning run and today was Saturday so no school. Nie Xiao Jiu peeked at Nie Nan Feng who had his eyes closed, saying to himself: Anyway, big brother too isn’t up yet, should I go back to sleep?

Don’t know whether it was because of Nie Nan Feng’s ‘fragile’ appearance last night, Nie Xiao Jiu suddenly felt that his big brother didn’t seem as scary as before and that he even had a warm heart.

After all, he had crushed him for a whole night but Nie Nan Feng wasn’t angry, which completely subverted Nie Xiao Jiu’s knowledge of Nie Nan Feng.

Seeming to be aware of Nie Xiao Jiu’s eyes, Nie Nan Feng suddenly opened his eyes and four pair of eyes looked at each other. Nie Xiao Jiu’s heart suddenly missed a beat, instantly thinking of the scene where he had removed Nie Nan Feng’s buttons in the bathroom last night.

The emotions in his big brother’s eyes at that time had given him feelings he couldn’t understand. Nie Xiao Jiu suddenly felt that his fingertips were a little hot, as if he could still feel, the hot temperature of Nie Nan Feng’s skin…

Nie Nanfeng looked at Nie Xiao Jiu’s flushed face and his big eyes that were watery after just waking up and his gaze darkened, also thinking of that scene last night.

If he hadn’t sobered up, would Nie Xiao Jiu have really… helped him take a bath with his own hands?

Thinking of this, Nie Nan Feng’s eyes darkened even more.

Retracting his gaze, Nie Nan Feng lifted the quilt, got up and went directly into the bathroom. Soon the sound of water sounded…

Nie Xiao Jiu’s head slowly retracted into the quilt, leaving only a pair of large watery eyes outside, his eyes innocent and a little dazed, inexplicably feeling a little bashful.

Although it was normal for a man to react in the morning, he seemed to have just seen big brother’s…. cough… how come he felt a little…. shy….

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Pure cute little young master. thanks for the update

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