This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 92 This mother was a godsend

“Ding Dong—“

Just after Ling Tian finished taking a shower and just changed his clothes, the doorbell rang…

Seeing the housekeeper holding a big bag with other smaller bags at the door together with the smiling Cheng Yalin, Ling Tian’s eyebrows furrowed imperceptibly.

Cheng Yalin saw that Ling Tian had opened the door and said to the housekeeper, “Housekeeper, put all these ingredients in Xiao Tian’s fridge.”

“Alright.” The housekeeper nodded and crossed into Ling Tian’s apartment, hauling the big and smaller bags in…

Ling Tian stopped the housekeeper’s actions: “What are you doing?”

“Oh, Xiao Tian, these are just some of the ingredients that auntie bought, they are all things you and Chen Chen love to eat.” Cheng Yalin said.

Ling Tian’s eyebrows furrowed even more. How come he didn’t understand a word of what Cheng Yalin was saying?

Cheng Yalin explained with a smile: “Although you and Chen Chen are friends, you can’t always let Chen Chen take advantage of you, it’s already hard work for you to cook, so, in the future, leave the buying of the ingredients to the housekeeper…”


How was cooking for himself hard work?


What Cheng Yalin meant to say was that she bought all these ingredients in order for him to take care of Ye Xuan Chen’s meals in the future?

At this time, Ye Xuan Chen poked out half of his body from next door. Ling Tian’s eyes swept over him immediately and Ye Xuan Chen blinked innocently as he said, “Cough… I said you were super nice and often prepared dinner for me, so my mom just…” As you can see…

Uh… this meticulous motherly love… was really great!

“…” Ling Tian’s face turned black. He had prepared food for Ye Xuan Chen to eat? Didn’t he shamelessly come and eat it on his own?

The housekeeper was sweating. How come they were still talking? His hands were about to break from holding the bags!

“Young master Ling… I’ll put the things in first!” The housekeeper simply hardened his heart, squeezed in past Ling Tian and then went straight into the kitchen, sorting and arranging all kinds of ingredients…

After the housekeeper came out, Cheng Yalin looked at the time and said to Ye Xuan Chen: “Chen Chen, mom just received a phone call, I have to go to Xicheng District, I’ll come and see you later. You have to listen to Ling Tian Ge in the future, do you understand?”

“I understand!” Ye Xuan Chen nodded very obediently.

“Then mom and the housekeeper are leaving first! Bye bye…” Cheng Yalin saw that the elevator had arrived and no longer delaying, stepped into the elevator elegantly. The housekeeper also followed, pressing the button for the first floor.

It wasn’t until the elevator door closed that Ling Tian’s face finally sank. His cold eyes moved to Ye Xuan Chen, “Go and take the things out!”

“Ling Tian…. Ge, my mom just left and you’ve changed your face so quickly. This isn’t good right?” Ye Xuan Chen leaned against the door frame with a smile in his eyes, saying resentfully, “When we were in the bedroom, you promised my mom that you’d take care of me!”

Speaking of Cheng Yalin, Ye Xuan Chen was really grateful. This mother he had gotten for free was really a godsend. He had been worried that he had would have no excuse for eating meals at his place.

However Ling Tian was thinking, wasn’t Cheng Yalin too open minded?

Wasn’t today the first time Cheng Yalin met him?

Just reassuredly trusting a stranger to take care of her son, wasn’t she afraid that he harbored bad intentions, that he would use a package of laundry detergent to poison Ye Xuan Chen?

Looking at Ye Xuan Chen’s appearance that said he was determined to rely on him no matter what, Ling Tian’s face tightened and his expression dimmed.

Ye Xuan Chen saw that Ling Tian didn’t speak and also knew what he was thinking so he said, “Don’t make your face so ugly, I won’t eat you out of your house.”

Ling Tian was still silent.

Ye Xuan Chen: “If it’s a big deal, in the future I’ll wash the dishes and do all the housework…”



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