This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 94 Will the Ye family change hands?

In a cafe by the Yujiang River, Ling Tian and a man were sitting next to a window.

Chu Jun Yan opened the laptop in his hand, transferred the information in it, then turned the screen to Ling Tian, saying: “Commander in chief, after going through all the information, it shows that the person who brought the black money into City A, is very likely a senior in J organization called James, but this name is most likely false.”

Ling Tian didn’t speak, his fingers just swiped the touch screen, his eyes falling on the information that had been prepared by Chu Jun Yan.

Chu Jun Yan continued: “I have already clearly investigated the black money flowing out of the Ye Group that Ai Weier found last time. It entered Ye Group through Ye Zi Cheng, the Deputy General Manager of the Ye Group.”

“And as far as I know, the black money flowing out of the Ye Group is just a small part. It should be just to test the waters. It wouldn’t be too long before there will be a much larger flow of unknown funds entering into City A.”

“And the Ye Group is obviously being used as a testing tool.”

Chu Jun Yan calmly analyzed the situation one by one, informing Ling Tian of what he knew.

“Has the Yang Group not moved yet?” Ling Tian leaned back against the sofa, fingertips tapping lightly on the edge of the laptop, his expression lazy, tone a bit casual.

Chu Jun Yan nodded, “Yes! People in J organization don’t seem to have connected with the Yang’s yet.”

But, according to their previous speculations, if the J organization wanted to trade, they should have gone to the Yang’s who had a background in the underworld, rather than gone to look for the Ye’s who had a clean background…

After all, such a dangerous thing as money laundering was much safer and more secure if they found a ‘veteran’ rather than a ‘newbie’.

“Oh, yes, there’s one more thing about the Ye Group.” Chu Jun Yan seemed to think of something.

Ling Tian: “Talk.”

Chu Jun Yan: “It may not be long before the Ye Group changes hands. When I was investigating the information, I accidentally discovered that Ye Zi Cheng started secretly acquiring the Ye Group’s shares more than a year ago, it seems he wants to replace the head.”

This matter had nothing to do with them, but they had already reached this point so he felt it was necessary to report it.

Ling Tian’s fingers paused, “Ye Zi Cheng?”

“Yes, this person is Ye Yuan Zhong’s eldest brother’s son. He was adopted by the Ye family from a young age. I didn’t expect that he would be a white-eyed wolf.” Chu Jun Yan was very disgusted with Ye Zi Cheng’s greedy and revolting ambitious heart.

If the Ye couple had mistreated Ye Zi Cheng, perhaps he might have understood him doing so.

However, as far as he knew, not only did the Ye family not mistreat him, they even gave Ye Zi Cheng almost everything their son had, treating him pretty well. It could be said that they treated him completely like their own son.

However he didn’t expect, that he was an ungrateful white-eyed wolf. The Ye Family took him in and gave him everything, but he wanted to bite the hand that was feeding him!

After Ling Tian heard Chu Jun Yan’s words, his mind couldn’t help flashing to Ye Xuan Chen’s smiling face…

If Ye Zi Cheng succeeded, then Ye Xuan Chen, this little prince of the Ye family who had no worries, would also fall from the altar. Without his halo and family background, Ling Tian could imagine, the cruel situation Ye Xuan Chen would face.

That night’s ridiculous dream, like a barrage, suddenly jumped to the forefront of Ling Tian’s mind, those warm and soft lips, the hands that had roamed on his skin…

Realizing what he was thinking, Ling Tian’s face suddenly sank heavily, the air coming from his body instantly cold like the cold winds of December.

“Commander in chief?” Chu Jun Yan was startled, asking tentatively, “What’s wrong?”

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