I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 9 Little cutie

The countless number of attempts to contact the submissive system failed. Qi Qi sat in the office chair in distress, his cheeks in his hands, the light dimples between his fingers becoming more obvious due to the squeezing: “The favorability that is showing doesn’t belong to the two of us. How can we increase the favorability?”

Lu Zi Zhou couldn’t speak for a long time. His eyes looking at the dimples like a patrol officer for a long while, before he coughed lightly, forcing himself to look away.

He crossed his hands and sat on the opposite side of Qi Qi, saying in a warm voice: “I happen to have heard of ways to increase the favorability of a two-person task.”

Qi Qi immediately raised his head when he heard the words, looked at Lu Zi Zhou without blinking and asked excitedly: “What way?”

“You see, our task is to replace the original owner for a period of time, and to impose the memory of this period on the original owner, thereby regulating the original owner’s behavior,” Lu Zi Zhou avoided Qi Qi’s gaze with a guilty conscience, trying to speak freely, “So, until the original owner’s soul returns, we and the original owner’s emotions cannot be shared.”

“No matter how much you like me now, he can’t feel it for the original owner. If you think about it in another way, it’s that no matter how much the original owners like each other now, we can’t feel it,” Lu Zi Zhou accelerated his speech, “but we are substituting the relationship of the original owners’ souls relationship, so the original owners can feel the love from our contact and how we talk and behave.”

Qi Qi: “….”

Qi Qi: “I don’t like you, don’t talk nonsense.”

Lu Zi Zhou pretended as if he hadn’t heard Qi Qi talking, continuing without changing his expression: “In other words, as long as we keep in touch and often express our love in words, loving each other becomes an instinct. It will increase naturally.”

Qi Qi understood but didn’t understand.

He looked at Lu Zi Zhou dizzily, only thinking that his explanation was extremely reasonable, he nodding dazedly before reacting suddenly: “Wait, you mean I have to touch you?!”

“Yes, kiss, hold and hug each other, or something else,” Lu Zi Zhou smiled, nodding pretentiously, “and also express our love in words.”

“Wait a minute!” Qi Qi’s eyes widened, reconfirming in disbelief, “Hold and hug each other — me and you?!”

Lu Zi Zhou sighed, showing a very reluctant expression, saying it as if he was in pain, “Yes, I don’t want to either.”

Qi Qi: “….”


Although he believed most of it in his heart, Qi Qi still had a glimmer of hope: “Maybe this wouldn’t be the case, right?”

Lu Zi Zhou’s face was serious: “Would you like to try first?”

Before Qi Qi could agree, he cheated by putting his arm around Qi Qi’s neck first.

The subtle distance between him and Qi Qi seemed as if he would be able to hug and kiss him in the next moment, but he stalled.

Qi Qi shivered, reflexively reaching out to avoid the electric shock-like intimacy, but Lu Zi Zhou caught it, his warm lips falling on the back of his hand.

He withdrew his hand and moved back in panic, angry and anxious, flustered as he shook his hand. However, before he had time to break free, he saw Lu Zi Zhou let go of him calmly and sit back down in his original position.

He stretched out his hand and opened his mission panel, his face showing just the right amount of understanding and relief: “Look, sure enough, your favorability for me has reached 71%.”

Qi Qi gritted his teeth as he looked at Lu Zi Zhou, blushing with soft legs, unable to stand up straight, the speed of his heartbeat had already broken through the warning line. However, for the sake of the mission, if he blamed him, then he would really be making a fuss out of nothing. It seemed he couldn’t free himself easily.

Humph, he was a straight man, what was he afraid of ╭(╯^╰)╮?

After finally adjusting his mentality, Qi Qi raised his eyes to look at Lu Zi Zhou and saw the latter frowning slightly, and as if he inadvertently, raise his hand to wipe his lips, as if the hand he had just touched was dirty.

He wasn’t dirty! He bathed with fragrance every day!

Even his body had a milky scent!

Ah no, it had gone off the point!

In short, Lu Zi Zhou was a bastard, ah, ah, hate him, hate him!

Qi Qi glared at Lu Zi Zhou angrily, his face unhappy.


Lu Zi Zhou smacked his lips, licking it.


He looked at his refreshed favorability on the task panel on the upper left.

Seventy-one percent.


At least, he wasn’t lying… Lu Zi Zhou thought happily and bitterly in his heart.


Even though he believed Lu Zi Zhou’s words eighty percent, Qi Qi still had a subtle uneasiness in his heart.

It wasn’t that he was paranoid, but he had been calculated against by Lu Zi Zhou once, so when it came to this person, he was habitually vigilant no matter what it was, lest he be harmed by him again.

He hesitated for a moment, then said: “Then I’ll try it too.”

It was just an experiment to complete the task. Qi Qi was no longer embarrassed and even moved forward generously, his big eyes blinking brightly, filled with a brilliant smile, the glimmer from the French windows reflecting in them, making them become softer, more moist, clearer and purer.

Lu Zi Zhou’s heart was held tightly by an invisible palm from nowhere, making him enter into a trance unable to breath. He stared at Qi Qi closely, unable to speak.

Qi Qi tilted his head intentionally or unintentionally, clear eyes looking at him seriously, soft waxy voice filled with sweet honey: “Little brother, you’re really really good looking.”

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7 months ago

Qi Qi doesn’t need to work Hard to increase Lu Zi Zhou’s favorability, but LZZ has it Hard.

Thanks for the chapter!

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