This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 95 Jade pendant space (1)

“…Mmn, pay more attention to Ye Zi Cheng’s movements. Ye Yuan Zhong started from scratch, Ye Zi Cheng wanting to take the Ye Group from him, it won’t be that easy, there must be someone helping him.” Ling Tian suppressed the irritability in his heart and ordered lightly.

Chu Jun Yan nodded: “Yes, I was negligent.”

He hadn’t thought of this before. It seemed that there were many places he had learn from the Commander in chief.

Ling Tian looked at the blurry picture on the page of the laptop with only a back view, his eyes deep and cold, “Lock in on this James as soon as possible!”

“Yes.” Chu Jun Yan nodded heavily.

Even if Ling Tian didn’t say it, he would have also looked into this guy named James as soon as possible. As long as he was a member of J organization, he wouldn’t let him go!

Ye Xuan Chen felt that the accumulation of spiritual energy in his body was enough to achieve a breakthrough, so he no longer suppressed it and emptied his mind, letting the mass of accumulated spiritual energy like run lose like a bunch of unfettered wild horses, crazily impacting the bottleneck…

With the sudden resurgence of heaven and earth aura around Ye Xuan Chen, his breathing changed instantly and a virtual layer of shackles broke.


Gently exhaling a stale breath, Ye Xuan Chen opened his eyes slowly, raised his hands and a hazy light appeared in them. This was spiritual power!

This long-lost feeling made Ye Xuan Chen a little excited, his hands feeling a little itchy, wanting to try its effect.

Ye Xuan Chen lifted his palm slightly and a ball of light flew out from his hand instantly, falling directly on a wooden decoration in the corner of the bedroom…


With a loud noise, the wooden decoration instantly split into four!

“…” Ye Xuan Chen looked at his hand, then looked at the splintered pieces in the corner, the feeling in his heart a little complicated for a while.

This was too weak. If it had been the him of the past, this palm would have penetrate through several layers, but now he could only break up a pile of wood.

Fortunately, this was the modern world, not the cultivation realm of immortals. Otherwise, with this his slag strength, afraid for a lifetime, he could only be trampled under everyone’s feet.

Just as he planned to put the jade pendant away and get out of bed, his eyes suddenly saw the extra pattern on the jade pendant. Ye Xuan Chen paused, bringing the jade pendant to his eyes, planning to have a closer look.

The original jade pendant had a circle of quaint ancient patterns around the edges, this Ye Xuan Chen knew, but now there was unexpectedly a circle of patterns in the middle of the jade pendant!

“This jade pendant is a little unusual.” Ye Xuan Chen murmured to himself, it was as if he had seen it somewhere before.

Just when Ye Xuan Chen was going to study it carefully, suddenly, a ray of light flew out from the middle of the jade pendant, hitting the space between the middle of Ye Xuan Chen’s eyebrows.


Ye Xuan Chen screamed in pain. He hadn’t expected such a big turn of events, but found out it was too late at this time, as a kind of dizziness struck and Ye Xuan Chen fell softly on the bed…

Ling Tian returned to his apartment, about to open the door. His line of sight skipped to the locked apartment door next door and with his sharp eyes, he could naturally see that the apartment door didn’t show any signs of it having been opened.

In other words, the guy had been in the room since yesterday and hadn’t been out yet?

Thinking of this possibility, Ling Tian himself didn’t notice it, but his brows had unconsciously tightened up.

However, it was none of his business…

Just as he was about to retract his gaze, a loud noise suddenly came from Ye Xuan Chen’s apartment. Ling Tian paused. What was that sound just now?

As Ling Tian hesitated on whether he should knock on the door and ask, Ye Xuan Chen’s ‘scream’ suddenly sounded!

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