This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 97 You’re thinking too much

Ye Xuan Chen frowned, who was in his room?

Just as he was about to open his eyes, a deep and magnetic familiar voice rang in his ear: “Jun Yan, notify the Ye family and take him to the hospital.”

This voice was Ling Tian’s, and the ‘he’ Ling Tian was referring to should be him.

“Ah… There’s no need to do that, I’m fine.” Ye Xuan Chen opened his eyes and sat up from the bed.

His sudden rise startled the three men in the room. Ling Tian and Chu Jun Yan were okay. Both of them were stronger than ordinary people, but Shen De was a bit miserable.

In the middle of the night, Ye Xuan Chen, this ‘false corpse’ suddenly got up from the bed, it made the elderly Shen De fall to the ground on his butt in surprise.

“This… this… it’s alive!” Shen De pointed trembling fingers at Ye Xuan Chen with an expression as if he had seen a ghost in broad daylight!

Ye Xuan Chen rolled his eyes and got out of bed. “I was already alive. How come you’re saying it as if I should be dead?”

Ling Tian looked at Ye Xuan Chen who was moving about lively without any problem at all and frowned at this moment, “What happened to you just now?”

Obviously no matter how he had called this guy just now he wouldn’t wake up. Even Shen De had used several first aid methods but also couldn’t wake him up. Now this guy’s face was all flushed, full of vitality, his whole body exuding a kind of liveliness, breathing overly moisturized, not looking like anything had happened at all.

“Just now….” Ye Xuan Chen thought, he was just out of control, his body was in an unconscious state, but when he remembered the conversation he had heard when he just woke up, Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes lit up, “Oh? Ling Tian, are you worried about me?”

“You’re thinking too much, I just happened to hear the movement in your room when I came back.” Ling Tian was expressionless, his voice was as cold as ever. It seemed as though even if Ye Xuan Chen died, he wouldn’t blink an eye.

“Oh….” Ye Xuan Chen’s lips dropped down, a loss that couldn’t be explained in his heart.

Chu Jun Yan’s eyes flashed slightly. When he received the call from the commander in chief, he had thought that he himself was sick, but didn’t expect that after he came over, he found that the patient was actually the young master of the Ye Group.

To be honest, the first time he saw Ye Xuan Chen, Chu Jun Yan didn’t recognize him because in the information he got before, the Ye Xuan Chen in the picture still had yellow hair and a non-mainstream fashion.

And what made him even more surprised was that, the commander in chief actually knew young master Ye and also asked him to call a doctor.

Chu Jun Yan had been with Ling Tian for a long time and knew very well what kind of person he was. Although Ling Tian wasn’t a ruthless person, he also wasn’t a nosy person.

Originally thought that the two were familiar with each other, but looking at Ling Tian’s expression now, the young master of the Ye family to him seemed to be just a stranger.

Although Chu Jun Yan was puzzled, he was smart enough to not ask much. He just needed to do as the commander in chief commanded.

Shen De came back from his shock, got up from the ground, picked up the medical flashlight, walked quickly to Ye Xuan Chen and said with a strange expression: “Why did you suddenly wake up, let me see again.”

Saying this he moved to turn Ye Xuan Chen’s eyelids.

“Eh? Don’t touch my eyes!” Ye Xuan Chen tilted his head, grabbed Shen De’s wrist holding the flashlight and said, “No need to look, I’m fine!”

“This… Is not too good right?” Shen De asked, looking at Ling Tian.

“Leave.” Ling Tian said lightly to Shen De.

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