I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO A

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 15 Little cutie

The submissive was penniless and had been in arrears for several months without paying the rent. In the end, he was kicked out of the rental house on the day he just got a job. Sadly, he had to wander around aimlessly on the street.

He had just arrived and didn’t know anyone in this huge city. He originally wanted to make do with a few nights on a park bench, but he didn’t expect to meet his boss at the intersection.

The boss was kind-hearted. Seeing that he was homeless, he unexpectedly invited him to stay at his home for a few nights, treating it as the company’s welfare for new employees. Anyways, it wasn’t troublesome to commute to and from work.

The plot at the intersection was warm and loving. Although the little submissive was hesitant at first, he accepted the kindness of the dominant. Even the description of it on the task panel was ‘sweet love’.

However, Lu Zi Zhou had frozen severely on the street corner, so naturally a little bit of dissatisfaction emerged in his heart. While Qi Qi wasn’t paying attention, he rolled his eyes at his task panel: “Don’t think I don’t know that this little submissive wasn’t kicked out of the rental house. That rent still has months before it would expire, right?!”

[….] The dominant was system helpless,
[Just follow the plot, what would I care so much for?]

“One who is eager to cling to power, and one who is greedy for the beauty of youth, it’s a perfect match,” Lu Zi Zhou sneered, a little disdain in his words. “It doesn’t matter if you guys give me these messy task plots, don’t teach my Qi Qi bad things.”

[How could Qi Qi think so much?] The dominant system ridiculed unceremoniously:

[If he understands even a little bit, you wouldn’t have to be talking to me secretly using the sweet words ‘my’ Qi Qi]

Lu Zi Zhou choked, subconsciously looking up at Qi Qi. The latter was standing on the side, looking at the points gained from completing the additional tasks, completely not giving Lu Zi Zhou any attention at all.

… He couldn’t refute it, making him unhappy.

Lu Zi Zhou was a little depressed, but looking at Qi Qi’s joyful eyes, his heart became so soft that he was unable to get angry, only feeling that he could pay the price to make Qi Qi laugh more happily.

In the end, he simply diverted his attention and very fiercely wrote down the submissive system in his notebook.

Unexpectedly after chatting with Qi Qi for so long, he could make his Qi Qi smile.

Hmph, bastard system, it definitely had bad intentions!

Qi Qi took Lu Zi Zhou away from the corner of the street, ready to get in the car and go home.

With one hand in his pocket, Lu Zi Zhou whose mind was constantly chanting the magical bgm ‘submissive system, you took my Qi Qi away’, familiarly opened the passenger door, sat in with his long legs, turned his head rather casually ——

And saw the driver’s horrified eyes.

Driver: “?!”

What was this situation, this little boy could actually sit in the passenger seat?! This was the president’s exclusive position! Was the president confirming that was his wife? But this was a boy!?

Was the Lu family going to be cut off? How long had the president known him? How come he had fallen in love with him?! Wasn’t he a corporate spy?! Heavens, the Lu Group was at stake! What would he do if the president went bankrupt!

Lu Zi Zhou: “….”

He had been a dominant for so long, he had forgotten where he should sit, sorry oh.

Qi Qi quickly pulled Lu Zi Zhou out of the passenger seat, lowering his voice as he said with gritted teeth: “Don’t you know you can OOC like this? You’ll deduct the total task score and year-end comprehensive test. Can you be more professional? Uh?”

Lu Zi Zhou nodded hurriedly, pouted in a show of weakness and apologized: “I was wrong. I accidentally forgot that I was a submissive.”

Also often ignoring his identity as a dominant, Qi Qi could understand Lu Zi Zhou so he just glared at him angrily, crossed him and got into the car.

It wasn’t until Qi Qi was seated securely and Lu Zi Zhou never got into the car that he suddenly realized something and hurriedly raised his head and looked out the window.

Lu Zi Zhou’s thin back was facing the window, his shoulders constantly moving, arms slightly raised as if he was wiping something.

Qi Qi hissed, not daring to look at the driver who was trying hard to hide his expression of unbelieve.

Not good, he had forgotten about the ability of this person who cried when glared at.


The driver glanced secretly at the red eyed little guy who whimpered from time to time in the back seat of the car.

Trying to get to the top of the job but was lectured by the president and now he was crying?

Young people nowadays, they couldn’t stand any setbacks, huh.


The silver S-class Maybach drove all the way from the city center to the suburbs, then stopped smoothly in front of a three-story villa. Qi Qi got out of the car and opened the door for Lu Zi Zhou.

A whole row of bodyguards were lined up, wearing black suits and the standard sunglasses configuration. Seeing the two walking out side by side, they were taken aback at first, then reacted quickly, bowing neatly.

Qi Qi and Lu Zi Zhou were both gifted world repairers who had experienced so many wonderful worlds, not to mention luxurious mansions and villas, they had lived in several magnificent castles, so they could handle this kind of scene with ease.

Walking with his hands in his pockets like he was on the red carpet, Lu Zi Zhou pursed his lips with pride, nodded faintly at the bodyguards who had cast all kinds of curious eyes on him, opened his mouth and was about to say ‘disperse’ when he heard Qi Qi cough heavily twice behind him.

He closed his half-opened mouth almost immediately, lowered his head silently and took two steps back, obediently following behind Qi Qi.

So dangerous, he had almost regarded himself as the head of the family again.

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