I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 11 Little cutie

One deliberately pretended to be deaf and dumb and the other didn’t care much. The two pretended to be entangled for a while, then soon gave up on the topic of continuing to improve favorability.

“Let’s stay together these few days,” Qi Qi sat in a chair and turned his pen, not looking at Lu Zi Zhou as he said to him casually, “Although the main task now is to cultivate favorability, there are also a lot of additional plots.”

The meaning of this was obviously to test Lu Zi Zhou’s attitude towards the additional plots.

Although the additional plots would give a lot of points to the task, the uncertainty was also great. A mistake could easily lead to the complete collapse of the entire task, so many plane repairers were reluctant to carry out additional plot tasks.

It was only Qi Qi, who liked to fight for the first place and preferred the dangerous aspects, who would work hard to finish all the additional plots in each task.

Lu Zi Zhou smiled, stared at Qi Qi for an moment, then nodded without hesitation: “I always like to complete the entire plot tasks to perfection. If you have no objections, I intend to complete all those additional plots.”

As soon as his voice fell, Lu Zi Zhou watched Qi Qi’s miserable favorability for him on the task panel rise by several points. Although the latter didn’t let it show on his face, there was already a bit of ‘heroes think alike’ tone in his voice: “Of course I have no objections.”

Lu Zi Zhou couldn’t prevent the corners of his mouth from lifting, and looking at the favorability on his task panel, his dark mood also couldn’t help but become a lot better. Even if Qi Qi had no feelings for him now, he could always soften Qi Qi in the long run — Lu Zi Zhou was confident in his charm.

However, knowing that it wasn’t yet time to show off, Lu Zi Zhou cleared his throat and said tentatively: “We should have started living together on the first day of meeting, so at least we have a task to do tonight.”

Qi Qi realized this as early as when he had finished reading the plot summary. He waved his hand calmly and said eagerly with excitement: “I know, this is our first additional task, and I have to get 90 no matter what.”

He only paid attention to the calculation of the points of the additional tasks in his words, obviously not caring about any improprieties of living with Lu Zi Zhou. Lu Zi Zhou’s arm stiffened slightly, he didn’t know whether he should be grateful or sad that Qi Qi had no defense against him in this matter. After a long while, he just sighed slightly.

Forget it, there is always time.


Towards the evening, most of the company’s employees left, with only a few of them still struggling to work overtime.

Qi Qi poked a paper with the fountain pen, feeling a bit unhappy.

But it wasn’t because Lu Zi Zhou lingered by his side all afternoon—even though he didn’t like Lu Zi Zhou very much, he wouldn’t have turned his face against him at this time because of this kind of thing.

It was only because the submissive system had suddenly sounded in his ears, bringing back many painful memories.

[System vulnerabilities have been successfully repaired, the original plot and character information matching program has been officially launched, host please explore, beware of OOC]

Qi Qi was rather depressed as he picked up a stack of documents, flipping through it in a distracted manner. The elegant suit was lined with the elite president’s inverted triangle-like figure, tall and elegant, his slender fingers picked up the white coffee cup in fine bone china on the table. Raising his head, he took a big mouthful of orange juice.

He’d taken the small bottle of minute maid orange fruit juice during lunch, under the cover of giving Lu Zi Zhou a drink and sneaked it into his briefcase before taking it to the office with great pains.

As a domineering president, it was certainly impossible to always have access to orange juice, so he had to save the little in the only bottle. Qi Qi licked his lips.

Hmm, delicious.

Sure enough, the sweet and sour orange juice was the holy water to soothe the injured soul. Qi Qi felt that his mind had been stabilized at this time and could concentrate on thinking about countermeasures.

When he first came into contact with the submissive system, he had a good understanding of what was called [The original plot and character information matching program].

He still remembered that in the plot of a certain rich family, he always grew a bunch of flowers on his head inexplicably depending on his mood.

From time to time rose, daffodils and peony flowers popped up, and when a bunch of spider plants grew out to block the sight of the martyr, he endured it. However, once his emotions couldn’t be controlled well and a flower appeared on his head. The huge purple-green piranha opened its mouth wide before he could react and swallowed the male lead who was still talking beside him in one breath.

Qi Qi reacted after ten seconds before remembering to grab the male lead’s dangling legs and pull him out of the piranha’s mouth.

——So wasn’t the setting of growing flowers on the top of the head against the setting of a delicate and weak beauty?! Why would a piranha flower bloom and turn it into a Plants vs. Zombies settings?!

Another time, in an ancient royal family strategy mission, he was set as a sick scholar who didn’t have the power to bind a chicken. Qi Qi originally thought that he just couldn’t catch a chicken, but what he didn’t expect was that he was so weak that he even lifting up a pen to write was like raising iron.

God knows how he had sweated and gasped as he wrote the whole theory during the imperial examination. After that, even in several worlds, he still had a psychological shadow over a brush.

In short, each and every protagonist always had one or two magical settings for the submissive. Even if it wasn’t the silly skill of being in estrus or being enthusiastic anytime and anywhere, there would be crying diamonds, laughing with rainbows appearing, have voices like a nightingale’s and other amazing operations.

Sounding like a nightingale wasn’t the key point, the key point was that it was like a nightingale’s voice but he couldn’t speak!! He can only call birds in that world, communication was really difficult!

Even so, when a normal mission world was still like this, it was a bug filled world. Qi Qi had never played the role of the dominant before, who knew how to operate this bullshit settings?

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Crying diamonds? Ugh… those settings are certainly crazy.

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