I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 12 Little cutie

Qi Qi was a little worried.

“Qi Qi?” Lu Zi Zhou’s voice sounded, his face serious, but when one looked closely, you would be able to see that there was no worry in his eyes, he just wanted to chat with Qi Qi, “Did your submissive system send you the notification? The matching program is now open.”

A system was a system, why did he have to emphasize submissive system? Afraid he would forgot his system’s attributes?

The submissive system had always been an indelible pain in Qi Qi’s heart, not to mention that Lu Zi Zhou, who was the culprit, was saying this. Qi Qi raised his head reluctantly and glared at Lu Zi Zhou angrily.

Lu Zi Zhou’s face was calm, but there was an inexplicable tingling in his body, then tears burst into his eyes. He blinked, a little confused, then raised his hand to wipe the water tracks on his face, stunned stupid.

Silently closing his half-opened mouth, Qi Qi raised his eyebrows, trying hard to suppress the smile that had reached his mouth, but the corners of his lips still curved involuntarily.

Yoho, it seems they had already cracked one of the settings.


Quickly reacting to what had just happened, Lu Zi Zhou froze, raised his hand and pulled out a few tissues to dry the tears on his face.

After confirming that there were no tears coming out, he raised his head to look at Qi Qi, trying to put on a serious appearance: “I just–“

The moment Lu Zi Zhou looked up, Qi Qi took the opportunity to glare viciously at Lu Zi Zhou.

Tears came out uncontrollably again and before Lu Zi Zhou could finish the words he had wanted to say, it involuntarily turned into a whimper. He covered his mouth quickly, his eyes overflowing with embarrassment and shame.

Hurriedly raising his sleeves to wipe the tears away, Lu Zi Zhou finally learned from experience this time. He turned his face away from Qi Qi’s eyes. His voice was still serious but he couldn’t hide the trembling at the end: “Don’t, stop making trouble.”

Qi Qi answered okay with his mouth, but just as Lu Zi Zhou relaxed, he slammed his right hand on the table beside him and quickly moved his body to face Lu Zi Zhou’s face, glaring at him again —

The 1.4-meter solid wood desk suddenly broke in two from the place he had hit. Qi Qi’s body tilted. Originally most of his body was in the air, but now that his balance had been disrupted, he immediately fell to the ground in embarrassment.

Lu Zi Zhou hurriedly stretched out his hand to grab the corner of his clothes, but he forgot that he was no longer the dominant Lu Zi Zhou, but now a weak and delicate person who cried when glared at. Not only was he unable to hold Qi Qi, he was instead dragged down to the ground with him.

Falling straight into Qi Qi’s arms, Lu Zi Zhou’s hands subconsciously clasped Qi Qi’s waist, his face buried deeply in his neck as he fell heavily to the ground.

The two men were unhappy and even a little depressed, but almost at the same time they screamed in excitement.

The heck, this personal settings turned out to be powerful!! They really liked such a handsome and aggressive persona!!

Ah ah ah ah, I’m hugging him, I’m hugging him!! The waist is so thin, the body is so fragrant, Qi Qi is so cute!!


The loud sound of the collapse of the table startled the employees who were working overtime outside the office.

A cautious knock sounded on the door and the staff outside the door hesitated for a while, before opening his mouth tremblingly: “President Qi? Are you… Are you all right?”

Lu Zi Zhou got up slowly from Qi Qi, his fingertips brushing his neck and cheeks intentionally or unintentionally. There was panic on his face, but his eyes were filled with an unrepentant grin.

Qi Qi patted his butt and stood up. Raising his voice slightly, he said to the door: “It’s okay, the table collapsed.”


The employee was dumbfounded. As one of the company’s key employees, he naturally went to the president’s office, and knew that there was only a solid wood desk in that huge office.

So had there been a fight inside? Why did the table collapse?

The employee hesitated, hovering at the door, but at the same time he didn’t dare to push the door and go in.

Collecting a pile of shattered wooden boards, there was no room for Qi Qi to take care of the emotions of the employees. He simply raised his hand to open the door, copied the ruthless tone of the original owner and pointed into the office with his chin: “Half an hour, clean this place up.”

The employee responded obediently and looked down at the messy table in the huge office. He glanced at Qi Qi’s body from the corner of his eye and immediately took in a breath of air, unable to help but stare with wide eyes.

Because he had just fallen to the ground, Qi Qi’s clothes were crumpled, the originally neat suit now stained with wood dust. Although it didn’t look embarrassing with Qi Qi’s cold face, it was also enough to pull him down from his pedestal.

Previously, because Qi Qi had been surprised by the favorability level on the panel, he had accidentally knocked over the coffee on his pants. The pure black suit and trousers now had faintly visible brown stains. At first glance, it seemed quite a contrast to the norm, but thinking about it again carefully…

The employee’s expression gradually become more subtle.

He subconsciously looked at the other person standing silently to the side — Lu Zi Zhou’s expression was casual and indifferent, but the corners of his eyes were vaguely watery, and matched with the light red that hadn’t yet faded from the tips of his ears, it was obvious that he had cried before…

The idea that hadn’t had time to fully take shape was verified to be true at once, making the poor little employee’s brain exploded with a buzz, his face quickly turning red.

He had actually witnessed an office play?!

He wouldn’t be silenced, would he??

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7 months ago

XD They must have done THAT to broke the desk, righ?! Hahahaha that employee’s imagination is wild.

Thanks for the chapter!

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