I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO A

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 17 Little cutie


“It’s a lot of waste taking it away,” Lu Zi Zhou snatched the little cake from the maid, pouted and smiled as he looked at Qi Qi with an unskilled coquettish look, “Qi Qi, can you help me eat it?”

Qi Qi was confused, he didn’t understand what Lu Zi Zhou was doing. He subconsciously looked at the sweet, delicious and fluffy cake and the exquisite smooth ice cream and swallowed silently.

However, the task hadn’t yet been completed, falling short and getting OOC now for the sake of appetite wasn’t good. Qi Qi waved his hand, wanting to cry but not having the tears to, shaking his head with difficulty as he refused: “I, I don’t like sweets.”

Lu Zi Zhou had long expected Qi Qi to say this. His favorability in Qi Qi’s heart was still negative, how could Qi Qi think that this cake was being given specially to him by him?

Although he was reluctant to admit it, Lu Zi Zhou also knew that even if Qi Qi knew that he was specially giving him the cake to eat, he would only associate it with a conspiracy.

However, when he saw Qi Qi’s twinkling eyes and slightly watery gaze but firm eyebrows, his heart was a soft mess, and his voice involuntarily became gentle and warm: “What if it’s for me?”

Qi Qi blinked, only now doubting Lu Zi Zhou’s intention of not wanting to eat the cake —- Originally, he thought that Lu Zi Zhou was being too willful, but now that Lu Zi Zhou’s words had already reached this point, if he didn’t answer at this time, he would definitely be clashing with his favorite, so he could only bite the bullet and accept his words: “I will be happy to eat this cake and ice cream for you.”

The eyes of the two collided in the air for a second.

Sparks flew everywhere.

The maid stepped back wisely, as if burned by the pink bubble of love, moving further away from them.

Qi Qi leaned over to pick up the exquisite saucer in front of Lu Zi Zhou, but the moment he approached him, he asked quickly in a low voice.

“You know this counts as OOC, right?”

Of course it counted as OOC. Lu Zi Zhou’s settings in this world was sweet, sensible and obedient. His actions just now not only showed that he hated sweets, it also showed that he was willful and proud, so even if it counted as OOC, the rating would be regarded as in the wrong and outrageous category.

But Qi Qi’s role completely followed the setting, not affected by Lu Zi Zhou’s operation. Although he didn’t like to eat sweets, there was nothing wrong with eating the cake because he was spoiling his little submissive. The OOC could only be attributed to Lu Zi Zhou alone.

In other words, Lu Zi Zhou’s task points would be deducted a lot for this matter, but Qi Qi’s wouldn’t be affected.

Lu Zi Zhou picked up a small piece of cake and brought it to Qi Qi’s mouth. While the latter opened his mouth to eat the cake, he quietly attached his ears to his, his voice no longer pretending to be a weak, but restored to its usual low magnetic tone. For some reason, there was a hint of indulgence in his voice.

“It doesn’t matter. To me, your cake is more important than any score.”

Perhaps the cake was too delicious, because Qi Qi smacked his lips, licking it. There was a strange little sweet taste from the bottom of his heart, the red cherry making his lips become pale pink.

Sure enough, he hadn’t eaten sweets for a long time.


In the dinning room.

Under the watchful eyes of many bodyguards and maids, Lu Zi Zhou reluctantly finished the dinner.

Cooking for Qi Qi, chatting with Qi Qi, talking with Qi Qi, and finally winning the battle plan of being favored by Qi Qi died — because of a bunch of unrelated people who were too conspicuous.

He couldn’t be more depressed.

Lu Zi Zhou put down the bowl and chopsticks and looked up at the task panel in the upper right corner. His expression that had become soothed because he had finally finished eating stiffened again.

… Alright, it really worked.

He didn’t understand. Although he was nominally staying at his boss’s house for a few nights, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that he had actually entered the house as Qi Qi’s little lover. Even if he couldn’t sleep with Qi Qi at night, and there were a bunch of light bulbs around as they ate and he couldn’t even spend time alone with him, what was this matter with one of their bedrooms being on the second floor and the other being on the third floor?

And it was even on diagonally opposite sides!

The distance between the two rooms was a seven or eight minutes walk on foot. It didn’t even allow him to say good night!

And what about if he wanted to borrow a towel or pretend to be in the wrong room before going to bed? Then he had to run in a bathrobe for five minutes before he would be able to see Qi Qi?!

He wanted to have a long relationship with Qi Qi, not copy from the Cowherd and Weaver Girl’s torturous relationship to to produce happiness!

There was no expression on Lu Zi Zhou’s face, but he was cursing frantically in his heart.

After eating the food in a leisurely manner, Qi Qi wiped his mouth calmly and looked up at Lu Zi Zhou. Seeing the latter hesitating and refusing to move, Qi Qi tilted his head in confusion.

Didn’t the plot clearly state that the weak submissive played by Lu Zi Zhou, because he was too nervous when he arrived at someone’s home for the first time, after an awkward meal, quickly slipped back to the room prepared for him, thinking quietly all night?

When eating just now, he had seen Lu Zi Zhou fidgeting, his eyes continuing to look at the maids, then glancing at him with unknown reasons. His face flushed then turned white, changing inexplicably. He had even admired Lu Zi Zhou as being worthy of being the best employee on the performer list, being able to enter the role so quickly.

So what was happening now?

Qi Qi sighed secretly, Lu Zi Zhou was too easily distracted. In this way, if he didn’t take the task to heart, why was his performance higher than his?

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