After being confessed to by my handsome agent

After being confessed to by my handsome agent

Chapter 2 This idiot, is quite cute.

Chi Ran was awakened by a violent knock on the door.

He hadn’t had much of a good rest all night, because he had been thinking about what He Yun Zui had said to him. Was he really not facing up to the profession of acting?

He knew that he didn’t actually do that. He liked acting, he just couldn’t do it well.

He had a serious emotional disorder and a emotional defect, which should be related to his family.

In his emotions, there was only fear, loss, crying, and helplessness.

He didn’t even seem to know what happiness was.

When He Yun Zui had teased him last night, inadvertently making him show that emotion, he himself had been surprised. He had been thinking, was that him?

He knew that all this was due to He Yun Zui. Without him, he probably wouldn’t have received so many films.

He got up from bed, put on his slippers and opened the door. Seeing He Yun Zui standing in front of him, he subconsciously wanted to hide, but He Yun Zui pressed his foot against his door.

Chi Ran hadn’t completely forgotten what had happened yesterday. Although He Yun Zui had done that just to help him try out the drama, he still felt in his heart as if a stone was pressing against him, making him nervous when he saw him.

“What are you doing, why haven’t you tidied up yet? The reporters are coming soon!”

Chi Ran reacted, remembering what they were doing today.

Today was the filming ceremony of the new drama ‘Morning Dew’, and there would be many reporters coming to interview and film.

And Chi Ran appeared as the third male lead in this new drama. Although the role scenes weren’t too much, the male third was an important role.

So Chi Ran had to attend.

Chi Ran closed the door abruptly, making He Yun Zui yell, hastily holding on to the door frame for support. Chi Ran heard the sound and quickly opened the door.

His little face flushed because of fear, he said sorry a few times in panic. He Yun Zui looked at him, finding it difficult to yell at him. He could only sighed helplessly, his voice as soft as possible.

“Alright, what are saying so many sorry’s for, go and clean up.”

Chi Ran nodded a few times, then ran into the house in a panic, his foot slipping, even almost falling down.

He Yun Zui chuckled, this idiot, could he not be so cute?


He Yun Zui was taken aback by his own thoughts. He shook his head, feeling he was a little crazy.

Chi Ran casually pulled out a few clothes from his suitcase, hugged them in his arms, glanced quietly at the man at the door, then turned to go to the bathroom.

“Where to?”

He Yun Zui knew that he was hiding from him and a special feeling spreading out in his heart, he asked subconsciously. Chi Ran raised his eyes and looked towards the bathroom.

He Yun Zui walked into the room and closed the door. Going to the bed, he sat down and snorted.

“We’re all men, what’s there to hide? Just change here, let me see what clothes suit you.”

Chi Ran still shook his head. He was indeed a little shy because of He Yun Zui, but more so because his body was ugly.

Chi Ran lowered his head, his voice like a mosquito’s: “I… want to go to the bathroom.”

After Chi Ran finished speaking, he ran hurriedly into the bathroom. He Yun Zui looked at the closed bathroom door. He had just wanted to tease him, but now he didn’t know why, he really wanted to see.

Chi Ran changed a few clothes back and forth, but He Yun Zui wasn’t satisfied, then finally he changed into the clothes he usually wore.

A simple white T-shirt was on him, just like a student, a pair of blue jeans wrapped tightly around his legs.

He Yun Zui didn’t know why Chi Ran always liked to wear such ordinary clothes, as if he didn’t have a penny.

But him dressing like this, it really suited him.

He Yun Zui couldn’t help becoming dazed. Chi Ran’s cheeks quickly turned red when he saw him looking at him with such concentration.

“Is this one not good? Then I’ll change into another one.”

He Yun Zui stood up, walked over to him, and looked at him for a while.

“Just wear it like that, it’s cute.”

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