After being confessed to by my handsome agent

After being confessed to by my handsome agent

Chapter 1 Reprimanded

Chi Ran pursed his lips at the side of the bed, bent his legs and buried his head in it, and the moment he raised his head, there was a trace of disgust in his eyes.

He opened his eyes and looked at the smiling agent in front of him, wondering why there was an unspeakable taste in his heart.

Obviously a second before they were still playing against each other, but the next moment he was pressed down onto the bed by his agent.

One of the agent’s hands suddenly touched his face, making Chi Ran’s body tremble suddenly, losing strength.

He closed his eyes and freed his hand, unable to endure it as he swung wildly.

The agent snorted, which made him calm down. When he opened his eyes, the agent was already standing.

The agent’s strength had been too strong just now, his wrist was already flushed. The man lowered his head and moved his wrist, making his eyes red.

He knew that there would be unspoken rules in the entertainment industry, but he didn’t expect that he would have such a day. After all, his acting skills weren’t good at all. How could anyone treat him…

He looked up at his agent.

He was wearing a black silk pajamas, with a belt tied tightly around his waist, most of his chest exposed and there were traces of having been caught by him just now.

Looking at his smiling face, Chi Ran was slightly apologetic. Although his agent had done something like that, he hadn’t gone too far, so he shouldn’t have scratched him either.

“He Yun Zui, you should go out.”

Chi Ran’s voice was small, like a little bee talking. He Yun Zui sighed and knelt on the bed. He leaned forward. When he was about to get close to the man’s face, the man showed that expression of disgust.

He Yun Zui sneered, turned over, sat on the bed and tightened his pajamas that was about to fall again, saying in a low voice.

“Can’t you show such an expression?”

He Yun Zui threw him a small mirror from the bedside table and Chi Ran looked at his face.

His cheeks were a little ruddy, his lips oozing a little bit of blood from him having bitten it. It looked like he had been wronged, but the disgust in his eyes came from his heart.

He looked at his appearance in the mirror, stupefied for a moment. He hadn’t expected that he would be able to show such an expression. Could it be that what He Yun Zui did just now was to get him into that role?

“In the afternoon, I heard the director say that your acting was really bad. You’re so stupid that you can’t even do the simplest disgusted expression. I really don’t know how you got admitted into art school.”

He Yun Zui’s words penetrated deep into his heart. He clutched his faintly aching chest, his voice still extremely small.

“I just like it.” Just… like it.

Moreover he didn’t need to face so many people entering the art school, he only needed to face some teachers. He felt that being able to enter his dream school for his hobby, had made him very happy.

“Like? I don’t think you like anything. If you really like it, you should work hard, instead of making some perfunctory expressions that don’t match at all. That is you disrespecting the acting industry.”

He Yun Zui stood up and left his room.

Chi Ran looked at the tightly closed door, digesting He Yun Zui’s words word one by one in his mind. Did he really not respect the acting industry?

He just chose what he liked, wasn’t that all right?


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Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
7 months ago

Thank you for updating!!!!

7 months ago

Hallo, You can call me Scorpion. I want to ask permission, to translate your translation into Indonesian. Entitled after bring confessed to by my handsome agent. I Will enter you name as translator English in my translation.

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