I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO A

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 19 Little cutie

Early morning.

Qi Qi sprang up from the bed, stretched out his waist, refreshed and hummed as he moved to gargle and brush his teeth.

So, sure enough, a soft big bed helped sleep. He hadn’t woken up once last night, he had slept comfortably.

As a plane repairer who was worried about baldness all the time because of tasks, it wasn’t easy to get a good night’s sleep.

[Please pay attention to the surrounding environment, do not casually ooc] The submissive system said coolly, [Comparative and corresponding data shows that the reason for the improvement in host’s sleep quality is due to extremely excellent results of the sleep aid effect provided by the reviewing of company documents, the correlation with the quality of the bed is zero]

Those files were boring and hypnotizing. How come they didn’t even let people rest in their own space? Qi Qi closed his mouth angrily, and then entered his role, putting on a serious face without expression as he brushed his teeth solemnly.

This wasn’t brushing of the teeth, but holding a solemn discussion and summary meeting with the teeth. He had to bring out the momentum of a president. Whichever tooth was disobedient, the electric toothbrush was waiting for it.

This, was the model example of a president!


Saying three times silently in his heart that he was cool and wildly dominant, Qi Qi adjusted his mind, pushed open the door and walked out of the bedroom.

The housekeeper in a double-breasted suit, bowed to Qi Qi as he greeted him. The deafening voice frightened Qi Qi, so much so that he staggered, almost falling to the ground. What president aura? It was forgotten instantly.

Seriously speaking, why was there a house full of bodyguards, a housekeeper and servants in this authentic presidential setting? It kept giving him the illusion that he was now a black boss who could walk sideways.

It took Qi Qi a long time before he was able to escape from the state of being stunned and after his brain came back online, an alarm rang in his heart. Being distracted in front of subordinates, this was a proper ooc. If he didn’t take action now, afraid integral points would be deduced from the mission.

Suddenly he saw Lu Zi Zhou who was walking down the stairs with a sleepy face not far away. His eyes lit up and quickly putting on an expression of surprise and obsession after seeing his sweetheart, he directly left the two rows of people who were still saluting and rushed to him, lifting up his chin with an evilly charming smile.

“Good morning.”

Because it was his lover, his actions were different from the usual, so the proper and affectionate domineering boss was set. Not only was it not an ooc, it was also a good bonus.

As soon as he saw Qi Qi’s expression, Lu Zi Zhou knew what he was thinking — he must be calculating the number of task points crazily in his heart. However, his face being touched gently early in the morning, he was a little happy.

Slightly lowering his head to hide the tip of his red ears, Lu Zi Zhou silently complained about this submissive in his heart, this annoying body constitution that blushed with even the little bit of excitement, but he accompanied Qi Qi’s with his words as he continued: “Let’s go for breakfast~”

After several days of learning, he still couldn’t learn the naturally coquettish and cute tone that belonged to a submissive. The tone that Lu Zi Zhou tried to suppress had a slightly stiff wave to it, which resembled a husky being aggrieved by a little kitten who was riding on its body, trying to bite it.

Qi Qi nodded, trying to restrain the urge to laugh because of the tail ending of Lu Zi Zhou’s words, following Lu Zi Zhou as he went downstairs.

One of them was thinking about his task points, while the other was enveloped in the pink bubble of ‘Qi Qi just touched my face, Qi Qi said good morning to me’, both of them ignoring the young bodyguard who was looking at them not far away with heavy eyes.


Breakfast was actually coffee and chicken breast sandwiches! Qi Qi’s expectant gaze disappeared the moment he saw the dining table. He gritted teeth, confirming in his heart that a dominant was really annoying.

Who on earth would like to drink bitter and astringent coffee and eat tasteless chicken breasts? Couldn’t sweet and sour sweets be the standard for a president?

And why could Lu Zi Zhou eat fruit cereals and cupcakes?

Don’t know how many times he struggled with food. Qi Qi poked the coffee cup with the stirrer in his hand angrily. It wasn’t until the submissive system gave a warning that he lowered his head unwillingly and took a sip of the coffee.

Seeing Qi Qi’s series of reactions, Lu Zi Zhou smiled silently and turned his head slightly to the housekeeper at the side: “I’m not very hungry now, so I’ll eat less. Can the rest be taken to the company?”

He didn’t mind repeating the same old tricks he had done yesterday, but Qi Qi had to be suspicious, after all, in his eyes, he was also someone who very much attached great importance to the task points.

Only god knew that he was desperately scoring points to keep his ranking at the top of the performance list just because he wanted his name to be the first name Qi Qi saw every time he returned to the center after completing a task.

The housekeeper replied respectfully: “Of course, madam.”

Choked by the word madam, Lu Zi Zhou nodded reluctantly, thinking that the housekeeper couldn’t even tell who the wife was. It was true that his eyes weren’t good.

When Qi Qi heard the conversation between Lu Zi Zhou and the housekeeper, he immediately understood what this person meant. His eyes lit up suddenly as he raised his head excitedly.

He took in a few mouthfuls of coffee, assumed the posture of a president, looked at Lu Zi Zhou who was on the opposite side of the table with indulgent eyes and added anxiously: “Make a few more and pack them together, it’s not enough.”

Lu Zi Zhou looked at Qi Qi with a smile.

Qi Qi looked back calmly, his expression unchanged, but Lu Zi Zhou saw the tip of his red ear under his short hair clearly.

Tut, he was a little cute.

Lu Zi Zhou lowered his head and took a vicious bite of a sweet cupcake.

Actually, he didn’t really like to eat these fancy snacks regardless of it’s ability to fill one up— but today, he found it unexpectedly delicious.

The soft and sweet cupcake was exactly the same as the little cuteness he felt at the tip of his heart.

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