After being confessed to by my handsome agent

After being confessed to by my handsome agent

Chapter 4 Mincing your words

Chi Ran ate a small piece of steak and chewed it in his mouth for a long time. He raised his eyes slightly and looked tentatively at He Yun Zui who was eating with his head lowered.

After swallowing the steak, Chi Ran took a deep breath and whispered He Yun Zui’s name.

He Yun Zui didn’t raise his head, only giving a vague ‘um’.

“I’m sorry.”

Hearing such an apology for no reason, He Yun Zui put down the knife and fork in his hand and raised his head to look at Chi Ran in surprise.

Chi Ran put his hands on the table, twisting his fingers a little uneasily. He hesitated for a long time, not saying a word.

He Yun Zui frowned, this person was always like this when he had something to say. Couldn’t he say it clearly in one go?

He knocked on the table, causing Chi Ran to raise his head when he heard the sound, but it was only for a moment, then he lowered it again.

“Chi Ran, if you have something to say just say it, you’re not a woman, what are you mincing your words for!”

Chi Ran was frightened by He Yun Zui’s sudden roar. He pursed his lips and raised his eyes, “I’m sorry, I… I think I will make you lose face. In fact, you shouldn’t have taken me on, I’m trouble.”

“So? You mean I should throw you away just like that? Are you afraid of me losing face, or are you afraid of losing face?”

Chi Ran hurriedly shook his head, he hadn’t meant that.

He flushed with anxiety, but he couldn’t speak. He didn’t know what to say to make He Yun Zui satisfied.

But he was really afraid of embarrassing He Yun Zui, he was afraid that such an ace agent would be destroyed in his hands.

“Since I have taken you on, you have to know that I would be responsible. From that time on, I have been serious about all your requirements, including you, understand?”

Actually, this hadn’t been the case with He Yun Zui at all. The reason why he had taken over Chi Ran and wanted to help Chi Ran become an excellent actor was only because of his own selfish reasons.

He wanted to tell others that even such a waste could become the king as long as he took over.

However, without knowing when, he no longer thought like this anymore.

“Hurry up and eat.”

Chi Ran wanted to say something else, but he endured it and didn’t say anything.

His heart heavy after eating the food, he followed behind He Yun Zui in a depressed state to the set.

He Yun Zui hated his heavy appearance. He was obviously very young, yet he acted like an old man and didn’t know how to adapt at all.

He couldn’t even figure out how could there be such stupid people in this society.

He Yun Zui and Chi Ran went to the dressing room to put on makeup, and some staff came greeted them. He Yun Zui only nodded symbolically, but Chi Ran didn’t even lift his head.

He didn’t know how to communicate with those people, but others would think that he was just playing the big card.

Because the makeup artists were brought by He Yun Zui, he didn’t have to shy away.

He looked at Chi Ran’s heavy profile and endured his anger that was about to explode:
“Chi Ran, why don’t you say hello to someone here?”

Chi Ran turned his head, like a frightened little rabbit, he folded his hands and said intermittently: “I don’t know how to, I’m afraid… I’ll say the wrong thing.”

He Yun Zui exhaled irritably, just a simple nod. Was it so difficult?

He found it really difficult to get along with Chi Ran. He stood up, wanting to go out to calm down. Unexpectedly, Chi Ran also stood up abruptly, making the makeup artist’s brush accidentally hit his face.

Chi Ran’s eyes instantly turned red because of the pain, but he shouted at He Yun Zui who had already reached the door.

“I’m sorry, He Yun Zui, I shouldn’t make you angry!”

With just this sentence, He Yun Zui’s feet stopped instantly and he saw the people in the dressing room cast their eyes on him.

He Yun Zui was speechless for a while, why did it seem like he was bullying Chi Ran?

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