After being confessed to by my handsome agent

After being confessed to by my handsome agent

Chapter 5 I’m just afraid you will be sunburned

He Yun Zui waved his hand to the makeup artists, signalling that they should go out. He casually locked the door and walked in front of Chi Ran. Chi Ran kept his head down until He Yun Zui called his name, then he looked up with a red face.

“Did I bully you?”

He Yun Zui asked in a low voice, but Chi Ran’s body unexpectedly trembled. He shook his head gently, as if frightened.

“You act like I am bullying you.”

With this sentence, He Yun Zui was no longer asking. Chi Ran hesitated for a long time, then finally opened his mouth.

“You didn’t bully me.”

His voice was small and pitiful. He didn’t think He Yun Zui was bullying him, he just felt that he was stupid and would only make him lose face. However, He Yun Zui didn’t want him to look at him as if he were a submissive, it would only make people think he was harsh.

“Alright, you’d better not show this expression in front of me again, and don’t let others see it. Even if you repeatedly persuade others, they would think that I’m treating you badly and ruin my reputation.”

Actually, he wasn’t afraid of being discredited by others. Apart from his ability as an agent, his reputation could be described as notorious.

He just instinctively didn’t want others to see him like that, although he didn’t know why.

Chi Ran didn’t think much, he just nodded. How could he do it? This was how he was, a submissive, timid person.

Seeing him nod, He Yun Zui also didn’t say anything. He opened the locked door and asked the makeup artists to come in to help with the makeup, and left.

After the makeup, Chi Ran was taken out to the set by a makeup artist to find He Yun Zui.

At this time, He Yun Zui was sitting on a chair, wearing sunglasses with his eyes closed. The sun above his head was shining straight on him, but he was enjoying it.

It was just that Chi Ran subconsciously walked in front of him, blocking out the sun.

Feeling that there was no light, He Yun Zui opened his eyes and looking at the small figure standing in front of him like this, felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

“Chi Ran, what are you doing?”

Chi Ran hadn’t expected that he would wake up, turning around quickly as he said in a small voice.

“I… I’m just afraid you will be sunburned.”

He Yun Zui looked at the staff around the set and feeling that this hadn’t been heard by others, breathed out a sigh of relief.

Such words, were as if he was forcing Chi Ran to do something. It couldn’t be that he would ask Chi Ran to block the sun for him right?

After all, he was just an agent, he had no right to dictate to an actor.

He Yun Zui stood up and pulled Chi Ran elsewhere.

“You are an actor, not my valet. You don’t have to block the sun for me, understand?”

Chi Ran blushed as he nodded, whispering an ‘I understand’ quietly.

“Is everyone here? The first shot of the first scene is about to start, so please have the actors in place.”

With the director’s shout, Chi Ran was dragged by He Yun Zui to the acting area. He pressed him into a prepared chair, patted him on the shoulder, bowed his head, said a word, then stood to the side.

“Chi Ran, in today’s scene, although you have ten minutes of footage, just these ten minutes is a transformation of your whole character, act it well.”

Chi Ran nodded, he would act well, because he couldn’t let He Yun Zui lose face.

Chi Ran looked down at the script, seriously pondering the role. But he knew that no matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t perform this role perfectly.

He occasionally looked up at He Yun Zui, wanting to ask him to give some advice, but the man’s eyes were never on him.

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