After being confessed to by my handsome agent

After being confessed to by my handsome agent

Chapter 3 No one else was permitted to say a word

Not only He Yun Zui, even Chi Ran was startled. He hadn’t expected that He Yun Zui would compliment him and even compliment him for being cute?

He Yun Zui coughed dryly and patted him on the shoulder: “Let’s go, it’s about to start.”

From the moment he was taken over by He Yun Zui, he knew that he would go on a completely different path from before.

He Yun Zui, no one didn’t know him. He was the most ace agent in the country. As long as he had an artist under him, he would either be famous or become even more famous.

And at first Chi Ran didn’t know why He Yun Zui would choose him, but later he understood.

At that time, his agent had complained that he was useless, and the boss who had taken the initiative to scout him out wanted to replace him, so Chi Ran lost his agent.

Since then, Chi Ran had completely become an idler, because the agent said everywhere that he was stupid, saying that he wouldn’t become a big deal at all, so no agent dared to ask for him again.

This incident reached He Yun Zui’s ears, and he intended to take him on with a playful mentality, because he wanted to see how stupid this person could be.

But after that, He Yun Zui actually became more and more serious. Although he knew that Chi Ran was stupid, he was very patient with him as he acted with him and helped him pick a drama that suited him.

‘Morning Dew’ was specially selected by He Yun Zui for him.

He Yun Zui took him to the venue for the first filming where many reporters had already arrived.

As Chi Ran followed behind He Yun Zui, an infinite sense of security spread throughout his body.

Those who didn’t know would think that the actor was He Yun Xin, and Chi Ran was just an assistant.

Upon seeing this, He Yun Zui pulled Chi Ran in front of him and walked behind him.

But Chi Ran was very timid, his pace becoming slower as they moved. He Yun Zui felt helpless, pulling his arm over as he whispered in his ear softly.

“Don’t be nervous, I’m here.”

This sentence was like a tranquilizer, making it so that Chi Ran relaxed by a lot.

He was led to the stage by He Yun Zui. Because he was the third male lead, he stood in the last row, but because of He Yun Zui, his position became a bright spot.

After the reporters interviewed the director, they turned their microphones to He Yun Zui.

“Young master He, why did you take on Chi Ran, a little white actor who doesn’t know anything?”

As soon as this remark came out, He Yun Zui looked at the reporter with an evil expression. The person behind the reporter suddenly pulled him aside and said apologetically to He Yun Zui.

“Young master He, he is new and doesn’t know anything, I hope you don’t take it to heart.”

He Yun Zui hadn’t cared much at first, but from the time he had started caring about Chi Ran, he didn’t allow others to judge him.

He could say anything about him, but no one else was permitted to say a word.

Because satirizing Chi Ran, was no different from satirizing him.

“Regardless of whether such a reporter is new or not, even after a long time, they will only look… annoying.”

He Yun Zui’s reputation in managing celebrities in the entertainment industry had always been very good, but in terms of dealing with people, he did whatever he pleased and did whatever he wanted. Aiming at people, the disgusting ones weren’t in the minority.

Just because his background was too strong, most people who touched his bottom line, may even have their lives ruined.

“Director, you can start.”

The deputy director turned his head and looked at the cold faced He Yun Zui, not saying a word. Looking at the watch, he made a sound to remind the director.

“The filming of ‘Morning Dew’ officially starts today, and the first scene starts on time at 3pm.”

The director cut the ribbon in front of him, indicating that the filming had begun.

The reporters left after they finished taking pictures. The rest of the people went to rest, preparing for the first shooting in the afternoon.

He Yun Zui took Chi Ran to a nearby western restaurant and casually ordered some food.

“The first scene starts in the afternoon. Eat enough. If you don’t have the energy to act, you’ll shame me.”

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