After being confessed to by my handsome agent

After being confessed to by my handsome agent

Chapter 10 Let’s go to my house

Getting into the car, He Yun Zui planned to take Chi Ran to eat something. It was just that although the time he had spent with Chi Ran wasn’t too short, he didn’t know what he liked. It was as if whatever he said, Chi Ran would agree to it, no sense of resistance at all.

Chi Ran raised his eyes and happened to meet He Yun Zui’e eyes as he looked at him through the rearview mirror. He quickly lowered his head, the tips of his ears turning red.

“Chi Ran,” He Yun Zui asked softly. Chi Ran didn’t nod his head, he just gave a faint um: “What do you want to eat?”

Chi Ran didn’t expect that he would ask him a question, and for a while couldn’t remember, so he could only shake his head.

He raised slowly his head, looked at He Yun Zui’s back, and pursed his lips. He seemed to feel that if he didn’t say the answer out loud, it would make He Yun Zui angry.

“I…” Chi Ran’s reaction was slow: “Is it okay to eat fried sauce noodles?”

Chi Ran’s favorite food was actually the fried sauce noodles made by his mother. Although he could do it himself, after only one bite he would think of his mother.

Since his childhood to adulthood, He Yun Zui had never eaten fried sauce noodles in a restaurant outside before, but since Chi Ran had said it, he could only take him to find some.

As he drove, he occasionally looked to the side of the road, telling Chi Ran to also help him look, if he saw any noodle restaurant, he would stop. It’s just that he found that, except for some upscale restaurants on the side of the road, there were no such stores at all.

Chi Ran also felt that it was a bit difficult, so when he looked to the side of the road, he moved his lips slightly: “If we can’t find some, anything is okay.”

He Yun Zui ignored him. Parking the car on the side of the road, he called a maid at home and asked her to prepare a serving of fried sauce noodles, then he drove Chi Ran to his house.

Seeing He Yun Zui’s change in direction, Chi Ran asked aloud, “Where are we going?”

“My house. Don’t you want to eat fried sauce noodles? I can’t find a storefront, so a maid at home will prepare it.”

When he heard that he was going to He Yun Zui’s house, Chi Ran’s nerves became a little tense. He had never been to the house of others. He was afraid that he wouldn’t know how to say hello if he met He Yun Zui’s family members. What if he embarrassed him?

Chi Ran moved his body forward and put his hands on the back of the passenger seat, his voice very small, a little pitiful.

“Can I not go, actually…. I can, I can do it myself.”

He Yun Zui turned his head slightly and just happened to see Chi Ran’s pitiful expression. His heart trembled, he originally wanted to refuse, but he held back.

It just so happened that he could train Chi Ran with those people at home so that he could get in touch with different people, which was also good for his future acting career.

“Let’s go to my house and after eating, we can just study the script.”

Hearing this, Chi Ran had no choice but to agree.

The car stopped in front of a villa. Viewed from the outside, the villa was decorated in an elegant Western style. Walking inside, there was a fountain and swimming pool not far from the door.

He Yun Zui stood in front of the door and pressed his fingerprints against the opening. Like a little assistant, Chi Ran followed behind him obediently. As soon as he walked in, a housekeeper greeted him and brought two pairs of slippers.

“Where is master?”

He Yun Zui changed into his slippers while he asked the housekeeper.

“Miss finished today, so he went to visit the class. This is…”

He Yun Zui didn’t answer, he looked up at Chi Ran, motioning for him to speak. Chi Ran raised his eyes, his low voice inaudible: “My name is Chi Ran.”

Although the housekeeper didn’t hear what he was saying, there was an awkward smile at the corners of his mouth: “Young master, you and your friend can come to the table first, I’ll let the servant prepare the noodles.”

He Yun Zui nodded, took Chi Ran to the table, and placed a pair of chopsticks before him.

Chi Ran raised his head slightly, said a thank you to He Yun Zui, then kept quiet.

When the maid brought the already fried sauce noodles and placed them in front of Chi Ran, Chi Ran’s dim eyes brightened a little, and this light was caught by He Yun Zui.

Chi Ran didn’t notice. He lowered his head and picked up the chopsticks to take a small bite. He actually felt that this taste was very similar to what his mother made. He took a breath, the tip of his nose a little sore.

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