After being confessed to by my handsome agent

After being confessed to by my handsome agent

Chapter 9 What’s your shirt size?

Because the shirt was a bit large for Chi Ran, it slipped off his shoulders. The shirt buttons on his chest weren’t completely fastened, revealing a sexy collarbone and a faint chest.

Chi Ran’s complexion was fair, and perhaps because of his shyness, his body had turned a little red.

He Yun Zui felt, that it would have been better if he hadn’t changed into the shirt. And why was it that in his eyes, Chi Ran, who was obviously normal, looked like a little enchanter in every way?

He coughed dryly, turning his head: “You wear it like this first, I’ll go to the mall and buy you a new one.”

Chi Ran let out a faint “oh”, lowered his head and began to fasten the buttons of his shirt.

He Yun Zui still couldn’t help glancing at him in the rearview mirror, chuckling when he saw him that way. Chi Ran looked at him in confusion and blinked, and the smile on his face suddenly disappeared.

Seeing Chi Ran like this, with the tips of his ears also red, he let out a breath gently.

He scolded himself secretly in his heart before he was able to drive with peace of mind.

Chi Ran looked at He Yun Zui who was driving intently and the tension in his heart disappeared. Although he had an emotional disorder, he knew that He Yun Zui was good to him. He was sincerely grateful, but he didn’t know how to express his gratitude.

The car stopped at a mall. Chi Ran thought He Yun Zui would take him to the mall to buy a shirt, but who knew, just as he was about to open the door and get out of the car, He Yun Zui coughed: “What’s your shirt size?”

Chi Ran thought for a while, then replied: “It should be L, I’m not very clear.”

Not knowing the size of his own shirt, Chi Ran should be the only one.

He Yun Zui got out of the car, opened the back door, sat in, twisted his shoulders and started measuring his body everywhere.

Chi Ran didn’t understand and frightened by his actions, started to struggle. Feeling the pain from his shoulder, he raised his head and met the stern eyes of He Yun Zui.

“I’m just measuring your size, don’t move!”

Chi Ran gave a faint ‘oh’, then lowered his head, looking at him obediently. Suddenly thinking of something, he said softly: “You’re not taking me to buy the clothes with you?”

He Yun Zui released him and said while opening the door, “Just stay in the car, don’t move.”

With the bang of the car door, Chi Ran nodded and sat up straight. If someone saw him sitting in such an upright position, afraid they would find it funny.

But since he had promised He Yun Zui to stay in the car, he wouldn’t move.

About half an hour later, the car door opened. Chi Ran poked his head out slightly to probe when suddenly several bags were thrown into the back seat, and then He Yun Zui’s voice came.

“The sizes may be big or small, you can try on the one which will fit you, I’ll come in after that.”

Chi Ran changed quietly, and a few minutes later, he called out He Yun Zui’s name.

He Yun Zui got into the car and looked back at him. He had just picked an ordinary style, but when worn on Chi Ran, it was an unexpected fit on his body.

And although it was very ordinary, he could still see a little cuteness from Chi Ran’s body. It seemed he was really crazy.

However he thought to himself, fortunately he hadn’t taken Chi Ran to buy the clothes with him. Otherwise, his pitiful appearance, if seen by others, would really make him feel uncomfortable.

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