After being confessed to by my handsome agent

After being confessed to by my handsome agent

Chapter 11 Really full

The tip of Chi Ran’s nose red, he raised his head and looked at He Yun Zui who was eating with his head down, a warm feeling unconsciously emerging in his heart. He didn’t actually know what it was, just that it was especially similar to when he was spoiled by the grandma dean when he went to the orphanage.

He thought to himself, He Yun Zui was very good, although he looked very fierce, sometimes he was very gentle. He could patiently help him act the drama, or come out to help him when he made a mistake.

He didn’t know how to resist, he only felt that it was all his fault.

He lowered slowly his head and ate up the noodles in the bowl. The fullness in his stomach strengthened made him suddenly. He wanted to wait for the next acting of the scene, he would definitely not let He Yun Zui down.

He put his down chopsticks, took out a tissue, wiped his mouth, then sat there, his body taut. He wanted He Yun Zui to know that he wouldn’t let him lose face.


Hearing He Yun Zui’s words, Chi Ran’s eyes trembled, then he nodded. He looked down at his bowl that was exactly a circle smaller than He Yun Zui’s and started to worry.

He Yun Zui wouldn’t think he was lying, would he? Although he had eaten very little, he was really full. Thinking this way, Chi Ran subconsciously touched his bulging belly.

“Really full?”

Sure enough, He Yun Zui asked again. In order to make He Yun Zui believe what he had said, Chi Ran deliberately met his eyes without dodging.

“Really full.” Chi Ran whispered back.

But when he saw the smile hanging on his lips, Chi Ran couldn’t hold the eye contact and lowered his head.

“Was it delicious?”

Delicious, Chi Ran whispered in his heart. Although it wasn’t as good as the one made by his mother, he also felt that the stir fried sauce noodles were delicious.

Seeing Chi Ran nod slowly, He Yun Zui raised his eyebrows, very satisfied with his attitude, and without thinking, said directly, “I’ll do it for you next time.”

Chi Ran didn’t seem to understand the meaning of He Yun Zui’s words, he just gave an ‘um’ in response in accordance with the thoughts in his heart.

After he was almost full, the housekeeper sent someone to clean up the dining table.

He had planned to clean up a room for Chi Ran to let him go and rest, but was rejected by He Yun Zui.

“Just do what you should do, don’t worry about me, he can come to my room.”

The housekeeper looked at He Yun Zui’s back as he left, a little puzzled.

Usually, even if they could enter He Yun Zui’s room, they would only be allowed to after being told thousands of orders to follow. Even the master and the young miss could hardly go to He Yun Zui’s room. Why did he allow a stranger in today?

After entering his room, he made Chi Ran sit on his bed.

Looking at the layout of the room, Chi Ran felt a little warm. The room looked the same as the one his mother had arranged for him.

The room was extremely simple, with a big bed in the middle, with a cabinet and a wardrobe in the corner of the room. There was also a small pot of green plants on the cabinet.

Chi Ran watched He Yun Zui spray some water on the green plants first, then take out the script they were going to use from the cabinet, handed it to him, and very naturally sat next to him.

He looked at the man next to him and subconsciously leaned to one side. He Yun Zui felt his dodge but didn’t say anything.

Turning to the beginning of the next scene, He Yun Zui put the script on his lap and said seriously.

“Have a look, ask me where you don’t understand. If a problem arises the day after tomorrow, I won’t concern myself with you.”

Hearing He Yun Zui’s words, Chi Ran looked down at the script seriously, his lips opening and closing, he should be reading what he wanted to say.

He Yun Zui stared at the side of his face like this, and slowly lost consciousness.

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