After being confessed to by my handsome agent

After being confessed to by my handsome agent

Chapter 12 A feeling he had never felt before

Chi Ran’s white face was rosy, his eyelashes very long, trembling lightly with every movement of his eyes.

His lips looked very soft, which made one have a sudden urge to kiss him.

He Yun Zui just watched, and even when Chi Ran called him, he didn’t react.

Feeling that his arm was being pushed, he returned to his senses and looking at Chi Ran’s earnest eyes, his heart inopportunely unexpectedly beat faster and faster.

He Yun Zui coughed dryly and leaned to the side, keeping a certain distance from Chi Ran.

“Where don’t you understand?”

Chi Ran pointed to a spot and a few minutes later, he heard He Yun Zui patiently explain to him.

Chi Ran really felt the power of He Yun Zui. He was clearly just an agent, but he knew the emotions in the drama. If he was an actor, he would definitely be the top most famous actor in the country.

That was impossible for Chi Ran to achieve in his lifetime.

He knew he was stupid, and though he liked acting, he didn’t know anything about it. Although he had He Yun Zui’s help, even if he was in the position to improve, it was still difficult for him.

The reason why he liked acting so much was because he felt that he could slowly hide his emotions without being discovered by others.

Now he was timid and weak and could only be exposed to outsiders and be laughed at. When his acting skills were good enough, others wouldn’t be able to see his true thoughts.

“Do you understand?”

Seeing that he was a little lost, He Yun Zui tapped his finger on the script twice casually. Chi Ran nodded gently, then went on to look again.

Then it was much smoother, except for some of the eye contact scenes that were somewhat difficult for Chi Ran, he quickly understood the others. Coupled with He Yun Zui’s patient answers, he felt that he had suddenly been enlightened.

It was a feeling he had never felt before.

The moment the script closed, the two words ‘thank you’ came out of Chi Ran’s mouth. He could only express his gratitude to He Yun Zui through these two words.

“You don’t need to thank me. It wouldn’t too late to thank me on the day your acting really improves.”

He Yun Zui stood up, opened the curtains and looked at the darkness outside. He turned his head to look at Chi Ran who was still sitting on the bed and asked.

“It’s dark, are you resting here or going home tonight?”

He was actually a little worried about Chi Ran, who was obviously used to being alone.

Chi Ran looked out the window, and he seemed to be able to see the scattered stars twinkling in the sky.

He stared out of the window for a while before returning: “I’ll go home, it’s better if I don’t disturb you.”

Hearing Chi Ran’s direct refusal He Yun Zui felt an inexplicable irritability in his heart.

“Alright, go home and have a good rest. Let’s go, I’ll take you back.”

Chi Ran followed He Yun Zui out of the room, holding the script tightly in his hand.

He Yun Zui said that the areas he didn’t understand had been specially marked, so he could think about it before the filming.

After leaving the villa, Chi Ran got into He Yun Zui’s car, but at He Yun Zui’s insistence, he sat in the passenger seat.

Actually, Chi Ran himself was against it, because he felt that a person’s passenger seat, could only be sat in by the people close to them.

But He Yun Zui’s appearance of ‘I’ll be angry if you don’t sit down’ instinctively made Chi Ran scared.

He didn’t dare look at He Yun Zui, cautiously getting into the passenger seat.

“If I say you should sit here next time, don’t dwaddle.”

Chi Ran knew that He Yun Zui was holding back his anger so he lowered his head, answering waxily.

When they arrived at his apartment, He Yun Zui ordered,

“Have a good rest tonight. Remember to read the script again tomorrow morning. The day after tomorrow in the afternoon will be the next shooting. I’ll pick you up in advance. Don’t have any problems at that time, understand?”

“Understand.” Chi Ran nodded, going upstairs after watching He Yun Zui leave.

It was just that after he had tidied everything up, he couldn’t sleep after he lay in bed.

He seemed to miss his mother.

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