I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 13 Little cutie

Seeing that the little employee’s face had suddenly turned red, Qi Qi glanced at him puzzledly, unable to help being a little curious. However, in order to maintain his high-cold personality, he could only pretend to be deep and profound, not saying a word.

The ventilation in this office wasn’t bad. How come the little employee hadn’t started to move the things yet but was red faced and sweaty?

Lu Zi Zhou caught Qi Qi’s puzzled expression out of the corner of his eyes and felt a little helpless in his heart. Naturally, he could see the bad track the employee’s thinking was on, but he had no objection to this misunderstanding, he was even quite happy.

Happy enough that he didn’t mind letting him misunderstand a little more.

Lu Zi Zhou’s eyes turned, then bypassing the staff he moved to the front of Qi Qi, deliberately got close to him, and said softly, “Qi Qi, should we go now?”

The dominant character played by Qi Qi had the same surname, Qi, whose full name was Qi Guanyan. Qi Qi had previously complained that this name had been given too sloppily. Just looking at the pronunciation of the word, wasn’t it just the same as ‘strictly under your wife’s control’?

The employee trembled, almost throwing all the boards he had just lifted back to the ground. He hurriedly tightened his arms, pretending not to have heard anything, his head almost touching the ground.

Qi Qi?! The name between these two people was too ambiguous…

Qi Qi’s body stiffened, partly because the name ‘Qi Qi’ really wasn’t suitable for outsiders to say, and partly because Lu Zi Zhou’s soft tone made him get goose bumps.

He opened his mouth, wanting to refute, but paused, feeling that he was really making a fuss. It was time to get off work and he could complete the additional plot step by step, he really shouldn’t continue to delay here, it would be superficial to give a reply.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Lu Zi Zhou smiled sweetly, walked two steps forward quickly and reached out to hook his arm through Qi Qi’s intimately, the two coming together affectionately, walking side by side towards the door.

The heavy table board finally hit the employee’s foot.


The elevator went down slowly, a change from the drama-like embarrassing scene in the morning, the two silent figures standing there quiet and harmonious.

The additional task this time was that Qi Qi would accidentally encounter Lu Zi Zhou who had been driven out of his house by the landlord and bring him back to his home, nicknamed ‘acting as a protector’, therefore, the two had to separate for a while and wait until they met at the intersection again.

The two walked to the main entrance of the company together and Qi Qi tilted his head to look at Lu Zi Zhou, reconfirming with an uneasy feeling: “In ten minutes, in the next street at the fork of the road?”

“No problem,” Lu Zi Zhou’s voice was gentle, but shallow, his tone a bit more resentful for no reason, “but it’s so cold outside, you can’t let me wait for too long.”

Qi Qi glanced at him speechlessly.

Because of Lu Zi Zhou’s magical ability of being able to produce tears as soon as he raised his eyes, Qi Qi wasn’t too fierce, he softened his posture, deliberately using a warm gaze that didn’t look like he wanted to vomit, rather comforting and indulgent, gentle: “I know.”

As he spoke, he reached out and pushed open the revolving door of the company, secretly complaining that Lu Zi Zhou was only covered with a weak shell, how come he was so weak now? He thought of how he was was still tough even though he had a submissive system. Moreover this person was obviously just waiting at the intersection for a while, so why was he so–

Without the protection of the company’s door, the cold wind whistled in the winter. When a violent wind blew past Lu Zi Zhou’s body, he involuntarily took a step back. There was a rush of sweetness from his throat, then he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Qi Qi: “….”

Alright, this body was really weak.

After so many years of being a submissive, of having a constitution that was so delicate that he was unable to withstand a gust of wind, he sympathized with him. Qi Qi hurriedly stood in front of Lu Zi Zhou, shielding him from the raging cold wind as he reached into his suit pants, touched a tissue and handed it to him.

Ever since he had experienced that tragic incident of squatting in the washroom without tissue for half an hour at the Repairer College, he was now used to habitually stuffing two tissues in his trouser pocket wherever he went.

Saying that he had vomited a mouthful of blood was so serious, it was actually only a few wisps of blood trails at the corner of his mouth. Lu Zi Zhou wiped his mouth, half annoyed and half filled with incredulity: “Blowing wind too can make you vomit blood?! What kind of person is this!?”

Hearing this, Qi Qi rolled his eyes impolitely.

“Get used to it, the submissive human settings are more or less like this, the vomiting of blood when the wind blows is already quite good,” he curled his lips, “Do you think all the human settings are as powerful and cool as your dominant settings?”

Still unable to speak about the submissive system in front of Lu Zi Zhou calmly, Qi Qi tried to contain his urge to glare at him, took off his suit jacket, covered Lu Zi Zhou, stopped chatting with him, and turned to get into his car.

“The next intersection, we’ll decide quickly.”


Qi Qi folded his arms and sat in the passenger seat. He tilted his head and looked at Lu Zi Zhou’s back as he walked outside the window, the spirit of fighting for points making him feel quite good.

The driver in the driver’s seat had a subtle expression.

He had watched from afar as his president spoke with and pulled the little boy in a familiar way. The overflow of pink bubbles was enough to cause critical damage 30,000 times to a single dog and he had even watched as his president took off his jacket for him.

The cold and ruthless president who was woman proof was finally blooming, but the object of his affection was a beautiful little boy with a well-behaved appearance? If he told the housekeeper and the maids this, they would gossip for at least a whole day.

However, he wasn’t like those long-mouthed women, the driver thought proudly, he could clearly understand his identity. As a qualified driver, how could he interfere in the president’s private affairs?

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