I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 14 Little cutie

Therefore, after the President got in the car, from the beginning to the end, he looked forward steadily, expressionless as drove the car conscientiously. He only turned his head to shout, “I don’t know anything, I didn’t see anything”. Even he himself praised himself for his excellent quality.

Then he heard Qi Qi’s cold voice ring slowly: “Keep up with the man in front.”

The driver almost forgot to step on the accelerator.

Didn’t you just say goodbye? Why had he suddenly become a stalker? Was this gentle and loving couple turning against each other, or was it going against the beautiful corporate spy setting? Was it possible that his president was going to catch the spy?

The plot had changed a little too fast, he couldn’t adapt to it.

The driver blinked and barely stabilized his mind with decades of driving experience, asking with a dry mouth, “Which, which one?”

“Just the one in front, the one who just came out with me,” Qi Qi raised his hand and pointed out the window, saying casually, “Have you see him? The little one who is walking crookedly, just follow him.”

The driver’s expression changed as he swallowed silently, a little confused as to whether he should say he had seen him or not.

If the answer was yes, wasn’t he admitting that the little boy was a short man with a strange walking posture? He had just seen this person and the president being sweet! In case the president really liked him, then what did he cursing him like that count for?

But as a qualified driver, the president had already pointed him out so clearly, how could he not see it?

He reasonably suspected that the president was setting a trap for him! The one that he had to jump into even if he didn’t want to!

It couldn’t be that he hadn’t done a good job so the president wanted to fire him, right? He had worked in the Qi family for so many years as a driver with great dedication. He was really deeply emotional, he didn’t want to leave! Besides, he knew countless of the president’s trade secrets. If he was fired like this, weren’t they afraid that he would expose them to others?

The driver panicked a little.

Qi Qi looked at the pathetic appearance of Lu Zi Zhou walking hard against the wind outside the window and stopped feeling that there was no retribution, delighted. He subconsciously rubbed the palms of his hands together, saying darkly to himself that Lu Zi Zhou was now experiencing the uncomfortable taste of being a submissive.

The driver secretly glanced at Qi Qi and was shocked when he saw the latter gritting his teeth and clenching his fists.

Heavens, the president wasn’t planning to silence him right?!! Was he planning to kill him directly or run him over or throw him into the sea to feed the sharks?!! He really couldn’t withstand this back and forth, he had to take care of his aging parents and children!

After a while, realizing that the atmosphere in the car was depressed and strangely quiet, Qi Qi turned his head doubtfully and saw the tears on the driver’s old face with his eyes that looked like it had passed through vicissitudes, a look of affection and sadness in them as he looked at him.

Qi Qi: “….”

He hadn’t turned on any strange character or plot switch again, had he?


The cold winter wind blew his already weak bones. Lu Zi Zhou only felt wet and chilly as he was struggled to reach the intersection.

He breathed a long sigh of relief when he got to the intersection and sat on the stone edge next to him.

Qi Qi raised his hand to signal the driver to stop.

The plot required Lu Zi Zhou to sit alone by the roadside for at least ten minutes, so Qi Qi didn’t worry about it, only raising his sleeves to reveal the gold-rimmed wrist watch, his eyes falling on Lu Zi Zhou’s thin back, his expression light but indifferent as he sat in the passenger seat.

At this time, the driver had recovered his calm under Qi Qi’s clarification. Although he still had lingering fears, he put more of his attention on the matter of his president following this boy.

Ten minutes passed in a flash.

Almost at the same instant the second hand pointed directly above, Qi Qi opened the door and strode towards Lu Zi Zhou.

When Lu Zi Zhou saw Qi Qi’s figure, his eyes brightened and he stood up in surprise. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly remembered the role he was playing at this time.

He hurriedly closed his already grinning mouth, bending only the corners of his mouth in a shallow arc, his hands twisting as if nervous as he said softly: “President~”

Qi Qi was taken aback by his shy gesture and sweet voice with coquettish lines. He was really disgusted, even forgetting to say the lines that had come to his lips.

He calmed himself for a second, then followed Lu Zi Zhou’s words with: “You, what are you doing here?”

Lu Zi Zhou looked up at him, the tears blown by the wind hanging around the corner of his eyes, not falling, looking pitiful: “My rent has expired… I don’t have a place to live.”

Qi Qi still maintained his expressionless face paralysis disposition and stretched out his hand to pull Lu Zi Zhou up: “The rent expired?”

Lu Zi Zhou nodded pitifully.

So get me home quickly!

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8 months ago

Hahahaha the poor driver. His imagination is wild 🤣

Thanks for the chapter!

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