After being confessed to by my handsome agent

After being confessed to by my handsome agent

Chapter 6 I’m here

The role Chi Ran was going to play, was a character who was somewhat autistic in the early stage then became black bellied in the later stage. That was to say, because today’s shooting was the biggest trigger for his personality change, Chi Ran was very worried that he wouldn’t be able to act this role well.

But because He Yun Zui didn’t look at him, he felt a little bit embarrassed.

Don’t know when He Yun Zui had watched enough, he suddenly lowered his head and met Chi Ran’s expectant eyes. He lowered his body and took the script from Chi Ran’s hands: “Where don’t you understand?”

Chi Ran stretched out a finger and touched a spot.

Still didn’t understand? Yesterday, it obviously this part of the scene that he had acted with him. It seemed his ability to accept still wasn’t receptive.

He Yun Xin threw the script to the ground without caring, reached for Chi Ran’s shoulder, and slowly approached.

Chi Ran was stunned for a moment, then a moment of disgust appeared in his eyes. He he pushed He Yun Zui away suddenly.

He Yun Zui staggered, sitting on the ground. But when he saw Chi Ran’s eyes, he lifted his lips and smiled lightly.

Chi Ran instantly understood what he meant, and apologized for his impulse just now. The disgust that had been there just now was fleeting, replaced with worried eyes, which suddenly made He Yun Zui hate iron that couldn’t become steel.

Hadn’t he obviously acted well? Why was it just that moment?

“Do you remember the look in your eyes?”

Chi Ran shook his head, suddenly remembered himself in front of the mirror yesterday, then nodded again.

Although it wasn’t easy for him to show that expression, at least he had acted, and at least he could do it to some extent.

“I… I’ll try my best, but I don’t know if I can do it well.”

He Yun Zui knew that forcing him was useless, so he subconsciously touched the top of his head as if to encourage him. This made Chi Ran’s body tremble, and he looked up at the hand above his head, blushing as he bowed his head.

“The third shot in the first scene, second time, action.”

Hearing the director’s shout, he pushed He Yun Zui’s hand off.

He Yun Zui’s eyes narrowed, then he smiled. He didn’t know where Chi Ran’s courage came from, that he dared to shake off his hand.

Seeing Chi Ran’s eyes fixed on the director, He Yun Zui saw the expectation in it. He was looking forward to what he would look like when he took the stage. Suddenly, his eyes dimmed again. He Yun Zui also knew, that he was afraid, afraid that he wouldn’t act well.

“Chi Ran, your role is in the fifth lens. Before you start, you must grasp it, understand?”

“Und… understand.”

As time passed, Chi Ran slowly went from being serious to feeling anxiety.

It was almost his turn, it was almost his turn.

But what should he do if he didn’t act well, it would embarrass He Yun Zui and he would lose the motivation to continue. He didn’t want this.

Chi Ran’s eye gradually turned red, his nose sour. He wanted to cry, he was very scared, but he held back.

He Yun Zui had told him that he couldn’t show that expression. But he just couldn’t hide his emotions.

Chi Ran reached out his hand and tugged the hem of He Yun Zui’s clothes, because fear was all over his body and he wanted He Yun Zui to give him a sense of security.

He Yun Zui lowered his head and seeing his red eyes, his heart tightened and he even began to worry, his voice also gentler than it had ever been before.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m afraid, I’m afraid I…”

“Don’t you have me? Didn’t I tell you, I’m here.”

He Yun Zui interrupted him. If he hadn’t seen him like this, he would probably not speak like this. He knew that Chi Ran would be even more afraid if he was fierce.

A staff came over and said to Chi Ran, “It will be your turn soon, get ready.”

Hearing this, Chi Ran stood up awkwardly, his head slamming against He Yun Zui’s chin.

Chi Ran was startled. He couldn’t stand firmly on his feet and was about to fall, who knew that He Yun Zui would suddenly grab his waist, and lean over his ears, saying to Chi Ran as he endured the pain.

“Chi Ran, be careful for me.”

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