After being confessed to by my handsome agent

After being confessed to by my handsome agent

Chapter 8 Can you not turn your head?

Chi Ran said he wouldn’t let He Yun Zui down, and he really didn’t. He didn’t expect that it would be so smooth and he passed it only on the second try.

The director even suddenly felt that he had been too tough just now, so he wanted to apologize. Only, when the scene just ended the director couldn’t find Chi Ran.

At this time, Chi Ran was being driven to the mall by He Yun Zui, because during the filming, Chi Ran’s white T-shirt had been cut multiple times, which happened to expose his chest.

He Yun Zui took out a shirt he had put in the car and threw it to Chi Ran.

“You change into this first, then we can pick something else for you when we get to the mall.”

Chi Ran took the shirt and fiddled with it, as if he didn’t know how to wear it. He Yun Zui was driving the car but turned his head when he saw that he wasn’t moving.

“Put it on, you don’t want to wear this tattered dress, and let me take you to the mall to buy clothes right?”

Chi Ran raised his eyes, his lips moved slightly a few times, but there was no sound. He was still afraid of his body being seen, so he mustered up the courage to say to He Yun Zui, “He Yun Zui, can you close your eyes?”

The corner of He Yun Zui’s lips twitched, a touch of irony in his eyes. He looked at Chi Ran’s frightened little appearance and joked: “I’m driving, but you’re telling me to close my eyes?”

Chi Ran’s face suddenly changed, his cheeks stained with pink red. He lowered his head, rubbed the cloth with his fingers a little nervously, then sighed softly.

“Then… can you not turn your head?”

He Yun Zui looked at him from the corner of his eye, his thoughts to tease him growing stronger. He coughed, pretending to be serious: “I can see from the corner of my eye, we are men, what are you afraid!”

Seeing He Yun Zui still disagreeing, Chi Ran threw his shirt on his hand, covered the place where he was cut, stared out of the car window, and stopped talking.

Seeing Chi Ran lost in thought, the car stopped suddenly and he subconsciously fell forward, knocking into the back of the driver’s seat.

He Yun Zui was suddenly worried that he had been hit heavily and turned around, looking straight at him, then up and down. Chi Ran met his eyes, lowered his head and pursed his lips.

“You won’t change?” He Yun Zui’s eyes were worried, but his lips expressed dissatisfaction with Chi Ran’s attitude.

“No.” Chi Ran shook his head. He couldn’t let others see his body, no one. Otherwise, something bad will definitely happen.

“Really won’t change?” He Yun Zui continued to ask. When he saw Chi Ran shake his head, he tutted helplessly: “You don’t plan to keep holding on like this, do you? Are you really… I won’t look okay?”

Whether it was because he was shy or something, he used to do whatever he said, but today he didn’t listen at all.

Seeing him agreeing, Chi Ran suddenly raised his head. His eyes were stained with a glimmer of light, but there was still no smile on his face.

With He Yun Zui’s permission, Chi Ran got out of the car and sat in the back, but he was still afraid that He Yun Zui would see it, so he raised his head to take a look every time he moved.

He didn’t dare change his clothes boldly until he saw He Yun Zui close his eyes in the rearview mirror. But he didn’t know, the more he was like this, the he wanted to see it.

After he relaxed his vigilance, the man opened his eyes slowly.

It was just that when he saw something on Chi Ran’s body that shouldn’t have appeared on him, his breathing suddenly tightened and he couldn’t help feeling that Chi Ran was a little pitiful.

He Yun Zui shook his head, he didn’t even know himself but felt that someone else was pitiful.

It just seemed that he needed to investigate this simple fool.

“He Yun Zui…”

Chi Ran’s voice rang, causing him to quickly close his eyes. Unknowingly, his voice softened a lot: “What’s the matter?”

“That… it’s a bit big.”

Hearing this, He Yun Zui suddenly turned his head. How was this a shirt? It clearly looked like a woman wearing a man’s shirt, and it was even a little… seductive.

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