I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 16 Little cutie

Actually, Qi Qi wasn’t used to this strange plot of ‘bringing the little lover home’ — usually he was the one who was taken home, so now he was not only feeling awkward, there was subtle guilt lingering in the heart.

…It was as if he was having a clandestine love affair.

Qi Qi’s rich imagination gave him goosebumps. He glanced back surreptitiously and saw Lu Zi Zhou’s smiling face. He quickly turned back, rolling his eyes silently in his heart.

Even if he was having an affair, it wouldn’t be with Lu Zi Zhou.

His taste was petite and big breasted cute girls.

The rest, was absolutely impossible!


Lu Zi Zhou displayed a perfect gentlemanly smile at a 25-degree angle at Qi Qi, his slightly bent eyes reflecting the white light of the chandelier, looking like they were stars. At this time, he was really like an elegant little prince from a foreign land, his eyes full of charm like a unique rose.

However, his heart wasn’t full of charm like a unique rose, it was full of **FYM, these three curse words, swiping at the screen.

Wasn’t this world’s dominant setting a rich president? It didn’t matter if there is a mansion, he wasn’t a black bellied president, what did he need so many bodyguards and maids for?! Did he have too much money but with no place to burn it?!

He originally thought that living together, even if it was impossible to sleep together on the same bed due to objective conditions, at least they would be two people urging each other to get up in the morning, cooking together and tasting it, or at least playing games happily right?

The chef walked out of the kitchen and brought the exquisite desserts to the high table on the balcony. Four bodyguards stood by instantly, not moving an inch, while two maids busily put silver forks and napkins by the side.

They! Totally! Didn’t! Have! Any! Privacy!

Lu Zi Zhou stretched out his hand to pick the silver fork, randomly gouged out a small piece of cake and reluctantly stuffed it into his mouth, but seeing Qi Qi’s gaze fall on him, the corners of his lips curved slightly.

So angry, but he kept smiling.


In Qi Qi’s mind, there were a group of alpacas colliding right and left.

He stared with wide eyes, looking at the dessert in front of the two of them in disbelief, consciously feeling the malice in this world.

Why was there a mille layer cake and ice cream in front of Lu Zi Zhou, but coffee, egg white and chicken breast in front of him?

Moreover there was a red and cute little cherry on the mille-layer cake, while he only had salt, pepper and chili powder?

This great difference in treatment was too obvious, right?!

Qi Qi put down the knife and fork in his hand, looked at the bodyguards and maids waiting respectfully and was just about to speak——

When the submissive system that hadn’t spoken in a long time suddenly came online.

[Please pay attention to your identity as a dominant]

Qi Qi panted with rage, glancing unwillingly at the fragrant cake in front of Lu Zi Zhou, but in the end he had scruples, so he could only take a sip of the coffee in front of him.

It was even sugar-free…

So what if he was a dominant? Wasn’t a dominant worthy of having a little bit of the sweet cake??

For the first time, Qi Qi began to miss his time as a submissive.

Although they had a delicate constitution and weren’t very tall, there was always a lot of strange and cheat abilities and settings, and they could eat unlimited snacks without worrying about those messy company documents!

Thinking about it this way, perhaps him being bound to the submissive system at the beginning wasn’t a difficult thing to accept…

Sullenly poking his chicken breast with his fork, Qi Qi frequently peeked at the exquisite macaron desserts on Lu Zi Zhou’s plate while thinking about life in a melancholic manner.

Lu Zi Zhou had long noticed Qi Qi’s little action of coveting his dessert. It was so cute that he deliberately scooped a touch of ice cream with a fork and slowly delivered it to his mouth, enjoying with satisfaction Qi Qi’s longing eyes that fell on him as he ate.

Usually Qi Qi would turn his head and walk away whenever he saw him at the repairer’s rest station. When had he paid attention to him like he was doing now after such a long time? Lu Zi Zhou happily assumed an angle that he considered the most provocative and raised the fork in his hand filled with cake again.

Qi Qi’s pitiful little eyes looked over and Lu Zi Zhou’s hand paused slightly, his heart softening suddenly, he just wanted to stretch his hand and stroke that little hair that was drooping on Qi Qi’s head.

Tsk, this was his little wife, he had to get used to indulging him.

He made up his mind and put down the silver fork in his hand, pursed his lips and deliberately put on a delicate look, pushing the cake and ice cream in front of him forward: “This isn’t delicious, I don’t want to eat it anymore.”

Qi Qi was originally immersed in the great sadness of not being able to eat the cake. When he suddenly heard the onomatopoeia in Lu Zi Zhou’s words, he couldn’t help but shake all over in shock. After a while, he reacted to what Lu Zi Zhou had said: “Ah, it’s not delicious?”

How could such a beautiful and fragrant cake not taste good? Qi Qi was a little dazed.

However at this time, the maid had already stepped forward and respectfully picked up the cake on the table, about to take remove it: “Sir, whatever you want to eat, please say it.”

Lu Zi Zhou grabbed the maid’s wrist, stopping her movement.

What a joke, this is for my little wife!

** FYM — F**k your moth**

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8 months ago

The cake is being stolen! Hurry up and eat it, Qi Qi!

Thanks for the chapter!

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