I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 18 Little cutie

He couldn’t discuss these things in front of the maids, so Qi Qi had to work hard to express his confusion, urging him with his eyes. Lu Zi Zhou’s points had already been deducted by the system because of the OOC when he ate the cake. If it continued to deduct points, not to mention the first place on the performance list, he wouldn’t even be able to keep the second place.

Although he hated Lu Zi Zhou very much, it was true that Lu Zi Zhou’s previously deducted points was because he wanted to apologize to him and to sincerely cooperate with him that was why he had given him that little cake so he had OOC’ed. He had to accept his goodwill.

——Qi Qi, a kind, cute and upright straight man, thought so.

Although he didn’t know what Qi Qi was thinking, his heart burst with cuteness because of Qi Qi’s actions. Lu Zi Zhou took a deep breath, nodded erraticly, turned around and walked to his bedroom.

Whatever his wife said goes~ my wife asked me to go back to the bedroom, then I must go back quickly~

Oh yes, what did he seem to be complaining about just now?

Hmm, I don’t remember.


It was nighttime.

The moon splashed across the river and the sky was as dark as ink.

The huge villa was silently shrouded in darkness, but the closed door and the servants who were asleep both added a few different kinds of serenity to the silence.

Only one person was restless.

With a creak, the door in the middle of the third floor was pushed open gently, creating a gap.

Lu Zi Zhou cautiously padded his feet, walked to the hallway on the third floor, looked around cautiously, then turned around quietly, running towards the second floor on tiptoes.

The target location was of course Qi Qi’s room.

He had already figured out what to use as his opening remark — that he was here to discuss with Qi Qi how to quickly increase the favorability of the mission goals so that they could finish the task early and go home for the New Year.

And after, when the two of them started chatting, he would gradually lead the topic from increasing the mission goal favorability to a deeper discussion, so that Qi Qi could feel his thoughtfulness and gentlemanliness.

Nighttime was when people’s mental defenses were the most vulnerable. If he made Qi Qi’s heart move for him at this time, maybe Qi Qi would no longer hate him.

Not forgetting the favorability that was still a negative number, Lu Zi Zhou was sad while dreaming of the bright future where Qi Qi’s favorability of him would be at 90%.

Going down the stairs smoothly, he just needed to walk through the two front doors to reach Qi Qi’s bedroom. The plan was half done, and seeing that it was about to be completed —

With a bang, Lu Zi Zhou slammed into a high elastic wall.

There shouldn’t be a wall here, right? Lu Zi Zhou raised his head doubtfully and saw a pair of dark eyes staring at him faintly. At this moment of silence in the night, it seemed a bit creepy at first glance.

Lu Zi Zhou: “…”

Lu Zi Zhou’s eyes slowly and strenuously moved to what he had just thought was a high wall.

He even had eight pack abs! Definitely higher than this! He swore.

His adam’s apple rolled up and down and although he had complained more than once that this body was too short, Lu Zi Zhou now felt the deep malice from the tall crowd for the first time.

He couldn’t help missing his height of 1.9 meters. He felt that his current momentum was inexplicably weak by three points: “He, hello.”

Of course, it may also be because he was being sneaky in the middle of the night and had been caught.

The burly tall and handsome bodyguard with facial paralysis stared at him blankly.

The bodyguard’s big brother’s aura was too strong, Lu Zi Zhou could only laugh dryly, giving a far-fetched explanation: “I just, just came out to go to the toilet. I’ll go back in a while.”

After a pause, Lu Zi Zhou added weakly, “That… the toilet in the bedroom, I’m not used to it.”

The burly, tall and handsome bodyguard with facial paralysis continued to stare at him blankly.

Lu Zi Zhou took a step back quietly.

Big brother, I’m under a lot of pressure like this, let me tell you.


The burly, tall and handsome bodyguard looked at the back of the little submissive who panicked and climbed the stairs, slipping back to his room, his eyes dimming slightly.

Sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night… Was this, wanting to leave the villa?

The poor boy under house arrest was struggling to escape from the control of the demonic president, but in the moment of success when he was about to see the light, was pushed back into the abyss by him.

He had seen his pleading gaze just now, hoping that he could retain even a little bit of pity.

However, he had abandoned him for money. For the job of being a bodyguard, even the most basic empathy had been abandoned…

When, had he, in the face of eye-catching prosperity unexpectedly lost his humanity?

The burly, tall and handsome bodyguard with facial paralysis lowered his eyes, a tear slipping slowly over his cheek. After a while, he raised his head, his eyes becoming firm again, as if he had made a certain decision.

Today was also a day of doubting life.

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Hahaha. Now It’s the bodyguard Who has a wild imagination.

Thanks for the chapter!

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