This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 104 Fellow classmate

“It’s he who doesn’t have eyes, what are you doing glaring at my son fiercely for?” Li Qianyun looked down at the sorry figures of the Tang mother and son, her face covered heavily with foundation full of sarcasm, “Besides, whether I will suffer retribution or not, is not up to you to decide!”

The nurses had long gone pale, frightened by this sudden change, especially when they saw the blood oozing from behind Tang Nian Bai. A few of them were unable to bear it, but no one dared speak up.

Mother Tang’s resentful eyes stared at Li Qianyun, like a fierce ghost that had crawled out of the depths of hell, wanting to tear the woman in front of her apart…

The smile on Li Qianyun’s face stiffened, it had to be said that mother Tang’s eyes frightened her. Her face instantly became heavy, she was the one now standing in a high position. With a sneer, Li Qianyun raised her hand to slap Mother Tang’s face, hating the look on her face.


Ye Xuan Chen, who had chased from behind grabbed the lady who was covered with pungent perfume and shoved her away. Ye Xuan Chen frowned as he looked at the embarrassed mother and son. To be honest he now sympathized a little with this guy called Tang Nian Bai, hadn’t it been just less than half an hour? He had been beaten up and was now covered in blood and broken glasses!

This kid was too unlucky!

“Ahh….” A pig like scream came from the mouth of Li Qianyun who had been pushed down by Ye Xuan Chen.

It turns out that after Ye Xuan Chen had pushed her away, her foot didn’t have a firm purchase on the floor, which led to her spraining her feet.

“Mrs. Li, are you alright?” The deputy dean was startled, hurrying to help Li Qianyun up.

“You dare push my mother, are you looking for death?” The young man beside Li Qianyun shouted at Ye Xuan Chen arrogantly.

Li Qianyun held the wall, her face twisting with pain. She stared coldly at Tang Nian Bai and his mother, saying viciously: “Deputy dean, I can see that you don’t need even need to leave them in the hallway anymore, drive them out for me!”

Ye Xuan Chen turned his head, looking faintly at the young man who had spoken first, “Are you talking to me?”

Obviously his tone was light and his voice also wasn’t very loud, but somehow it was inexplicably like a deterrent force, making people feel extreme fear.

When Li Hua saw Ye Xuan Chen’s face, his pupils shrank, stuttering with surprise: “Uh… Young… Young Master Ye, why is it you?”

Ye Xuan Chen looked at the boy’s somewhat familiar face, and was suddenly clear in his heart. He smiled, “Tut, so it’s a fellow classmate. Did you just say I was looking for death?”

It turns out the boy in front of him was a student in the same class as him. Actually, he didn’t know a lot of people in class C, but he knew the one in front of him.

This person was called Li Hua, an illegitimate child of the Yang family’s second head. Because of Yang Yi Fan, the original owner bullied Li Hua a lot, so almost every time this guy saw Ye Xuan Chen, he would hide.

“No…. no, no, no! I was wrong, don’t hit me!” Li Hua, who had been arrogant to Tang Nian Bai and his mother just now suddenly looked like a mouse when it saw a cat, begging for mercy.

Ye Xuan Chen rolled his eyes. Did he say he was going to hit him? He was just saying hello, alright?

“Who are you, you actually dare hit my son!” Li Qianyun saw her son ‘being bullied’ and for a while actually forgot about her pain, glaring at Ye Xuan Chen, unkind voice so sharp voice Ye Xuan Chen couldn’t help frowning.

Li Hua was startled, then quickly pulled Li Qianyun and whispered, “Mom! He is…”

After Li Qianyun listened, shock appeared on her face. Naturally she knew what the Ye’s represented, they were as famous as the Yang’s!

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