I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 20 Little cutie

In the office.

Qi Qi happily dug into the vanilla-flavored ice cream ball with a spoon, his eyes bent into a crescent-shap because of the sweetness of the ice cream, his shining eyes falling on Lu Zi Zhou who was watching him on the side.

Lu Zi Zhou calmly drank the president’s exclusive sugar-free black coffee.

——Of course, was he really this calm? Only his suit pants hidden under the desk really revealed the truth.

After a while, stomach full of the two ice creams, Qi Qi wiped his mouth happily. This freed up some time to consider serious business: “Our most recent main task is to increase the favorability level. Have you thought of a good way?”

Lu Zi Zhou looked away guiltily, clenched his fist and coughed twice: “Didn’t we discuss it before, so far we have only come up with a way to increase contact. Other methods may require further discussion and experimentation to determine.”

“Maybe we can ask the system?” Suddenly thinking of the system who had crazily brush up on his presence today, Qi Qi’s eyes brightened involuntarily, “This time it’s a system bug, the system should bear the responsibility of explaining it!”

Lu Zi Zhou nodded calmly, steadily motionless as he said, “Alright, then I’ll also ask.”

A moment later.

After several attempts to contact the submissive system were fruitless, Qi Qi snorted and drank the orange juice in the coffee cup in one breath: “Really something else, at this time my system still won’t say a word!”

Submissive system: [….]

The submissive system that had conducted undescribable online transactions with the dominant system indicated that its host was nothing but clouds.


Simply no longer caring about the messy system, Qi Qi walked to Lu Zi Zhou, saying with haste: “Then let’s start now. According to the speed of the last test, maybe we can get the favorability level right today!”

Lu Zi Zhou pursed his lips.

Of course, he wanted to increase his favorability with Qi Qi and to use that method — it could be said that it was his dream. But Qi Qi wanted to end this task quickly, which kept making him feel the sadness of being rejected.

But then again, Qi Qi’s favorability for him dropping to a negative score, saying that he didn’t dislike him, no one would believe it.

After being hit by the dazzling black negative 70% that day, he hadn’t checked Qi Qi’s favorability for him. Sighing secretly, Lu Zi Zhou raised his hand to pull up the task panel and refreshed Qi Qi’s favorability interface.

He had brought cupcakes and other desserts to Qi Qi yesterday and today, not hesitating to pay the price of ooc, and Qi Qi’s attitude towards him had also warmed up a lot. He hoped that his favorability would increase a little… right?

That black, crushing black, like the violent storm predicted by the clouds covering the vast sky, was simply the harshest verdict on his wishful thinking about his secret love——


Lu Zi Zhou’s hand trembled. The next moment he looked at Qi Qi in disbelief, his expression a strange mix of shock and ecstasy intertwined, at first glance looking even a bit ferocious.

Qi Qi was startled, taking a step back without noticing: “What’s, what’s wrong?”

Lu Zi Zhou’s lips moved, his face strangely distorted, the delicate face that belonged to the submissive wrinkled together, and the aura that had been deliberately converged due to the extremely fluctuating emotions unconsciously radiated.

It took him a long time before he was able to bring out the words that were suffocated from his throat.

“You, how much do you like cupcakes?!”


A light white “0” hung above the task panel, its color similar to the background of the panel. If one didn’t look carefully, you wouldn’t even be able to see it clearly. Lu Zi Zhou only felt that this number went straight through his eyes, crashing crazily into his heart.

After only half a day, his favorability in Qi Qi’s heart has risen by 70%?!

Sure enough, he and Qi Qi were a match made in heaven. It only took half a day to cultivate tacit understanding and binding ties!!

Lu Zi Zhou was hit in the head by this shocking joy that fell from the sky, that even though the dominant system mocked him silently [Of course, the favorability of a passerby on the road may even be more than zero, the meaning of this is completely senseless, okay? How can you make it into something like Qi Qi likes you?], but he couldn’t hear it at all.

It was like a satisfied man who didn’t know the hunger of a hungry man. His favorability in Qi Qi’s heart a day ago was negative 70%, okay? Negative! What a great achievement to be able to reach 0% in one day!

If it could continue like this again, then it would pay off in time. If he had known that Qi Qi was so easy to soften, why had he decided not to disturb him because he was so sad due to Qi Qi’s avoidance and hostility? What a waste of his youth!

Lu Zi Zhou was already thinking about how many children he and Qi Qi would adopt in the future.

En, this didn’t need to be considered at all. Of course they would adopt two. One boy and one girl, one boy and one girl. Then let the elder brother be the plane repairer and the younger sister be the plane programmer and so on, it would be a very perfect family!

Qi Qi looked at Lu Zi Zhou who had started giggling inexplicably, a little confused for a moment.

What was wrong with this person?

It couldn’t be because he had eaten all the cupcakes, so he was so angry that he had become silly, right?

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7 months ago

Well, that’s progress. But Qi Qi Just stopped hating him, not started liking him. Lu Zi Zhou is a little delusional.

Thanks for the chapter!

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