This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 105 I will work hard

She had used every means and fought very hard at that time before she had succeeded in climbing the bed of the second head of the Yang family. Although she was only a mistress, because of a son, she flew up the branches and turned into a phoenix.

So she was very clear of the importance of Ye Xuan Chen’s identity as the prince of the Ye family and knew that he with his position, was someone she absolutely couldn’t afford to offend.

The deputy dean was standing next to the two so he naturally heard what Li Hua said. After hearing Ye Xuan Chen’s identity, he was surprised, then a flattering smile immediately filled his greasy face. “Young master Ye, we didn’t scare you just now right? Please move away quickly, there’s a lot of broken glass here, be careful so that it doesn’t hurt you.”

Ye Xuan Chen didn’t look at the deputy dean but walked to the Tang mother and son who had already risen from the ground. “Are you alright?”

“Thank you, I’m fine. The money used to pay for the taxi can I…..” Tang Nian Bai’s face was pale. Although his back hurt very much, he had become a little numb to it after being beaten for a long time.

But before he could finish his words he was interrupted by Ye Xuan Chen: “It’s okay, I’m not short of that bit of money.”

Finished saying this, Ye Xuan Chen looked at the hospital bed beside Tang Nian Bai, at the middle-aged man covered with tubes. At this time his eyes were closed. From his slightly sunken cheeks, it could be deduced that he had been in a coma for a long time.

“Need help?” Ye Xuan Chen asked.

These words, were a question posed to Tang Nian Bai.

Tang Nian Bai pursed his lips. Since the Tang family’s bankruptcy, all the relatives who had been anxious to take out their hearts and souls for them had all stayed away and some had even dropped off the face of the earth. Therefore, Tang Nian Bai had never asked someone to help them.

But the dazzling youth in front of him had clearly only seen him once, but was willing to help him.

“… Yes!” Tang Nian Bai said in a loud voice. At this moment, his face didn’t have the usual kind of timidity and shyness, as if he had made a major decision in his heart.

Someday, he would return Ye Xuan Chen’s help to him today, he definitely will!

With Ye Xuan Chen’s help, father Tang was arranged into a private ward. The deputy dean even arranged a special doctor for father Tang to flatter Ye Xuan Chen even more.

And the Li mother and son, seeing that the situation had undergone a huge reversal, had to leave the hospital in shame.

Downstairs on the way out of the hospital, Tang Nian Bai who had bandaged the wounds on his back bowed to Ye Xuan Chen and said earnestly: “Thank you, the money you lent me, I’ll definitely return it to you in the future.”

“Hmm, then you’ll have to work hard, after all, two million isn’t a small sum.” Ye Xuan Chen put his hands in his pockets, a calm smile on his face.

Tang Nian was shocked for a moment, then nodded gratefully, “Thank you! I’ll work hard!”

After a pause, Tang Nian Bai said hesitantly: “Actually, Senior Ling Tian came to me last time because he wanted me to join their work. That was the first time I saw him. If you helped me in order to get to know him through me, I’m afraid I’ll let you down…”

He thought of the first time they had met. Ye Xuan Chen had seemed to be particularly interested in Ling Tian, so Tang Nian Bai guessed that Ye Xuan Chen helped him because he thought he had a connection with Ling Tian.

Ye Xuan Chen glanced at Tang Nian Bai. This boy looked dull, but his mind was so sharp. He nodded: “En, if you don’t know then you don’t know, I don’t plan on getting to know Ling Tian from you.”

It was boring to get to know him from others, it was better to experience it for himself…. En!

“Oh…” Tang Nian Bai looked at the carefree Ye Xuan Chen, for a while unable to guess his purpose and intention. Suddenly thinking of something, Tang Nian Bai asked: “Ah? Don’t you have class today?”

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