This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 106 Good discussion with him

“Have class?… Have… class…!!!” Ye Xuan Chen’s dazed expression gradually changed.


He had said that there was something he had forgotten! He was going to school today!

“I’m leaving!” Waving at Tang Nian Bai, Ye Xuan Chen walked hurriedly out of the hospital.

Tang Nian Bai pursed his lips and looked at Ye Xuan Chen’s back with a little bit of self reproach.

When Ye Xuan Chen arrived in the classroom, it happened that Fu Siyu was teaching. He made up his mind to stay out in the hallway until the class ended before entering, but Fu Siyu saw him.

Ye Xuan Chen had no choice but to walk in. This type of situation, no matter if it was the original owner or he himself, they wouldn’t feel that it was embarrassing at all. The former was a recidivist who did this kind of thing often and he didn’t belong to this world. His actual age… was enough to be the ancestor of all these people.

So Ye Xuan Chen wasn’t bothered at all as he very calmly walked in from outside, sat down at his place, took out his textbook and listened carefully.

Fu Siyu looked at him but didn’t say anything, he just continued to teach, his attitude towards Ye Xuan Chen’s tardiness seemingly the same as that of Liang Kuan before.

Nie Xiao Jiu slanted a glance at Ye Xuan Chen and said in a voice that only the two could hear: “Where did you go to play? Alright, now you don’t take Xiao Mu and I with you, I’ll deal with you after class.”

“….” Ye Xuan Chen rolled his eyes. Where did he go to play?

But he was too lazy to explain so much to Nie Xiao Jiu, so he allowed him to think he was late because he had gone out to play.

The lesson soon ended and Ye Xuan Chen stretched lazily, mumbling something to himself. This English class was like the Sanskrit of the holy teachings, it was simply like a lullaby, summoning the sleep he hadn’t had because he had stayed up all night.

Just as he was about to lay on the table to sleep for a while, a shadow suddenly fell in front of him. Ye Xuan Chen looked up to see Fu Siyu holding a textbook.

“Teacher Fu, can I help you?” Ye Xuan Chen changed his actions, placed his face in one hand as he asked with a smile.

Fu Siyu was stunned by Ye Xuan Chen’s smile, but it was only for a moment, then it disappeared almost unnoticeably with no one noticing. He said, “Come with me.”

After saying this, without waiting for Xuan Chen’s reply, he turned and left the classroom.

Nie Xiao Jiu was immediately happy. He propped his hands on one side and sat on the desk, kicking at Ye Xuan Chen’s leg with his foot as he gloated, “Go, have a good discussion with him. Who told you not to come in the morning, bro, good luck, I won’t see you off.”

The students around lowered their heads, covering their faces with their books, obviously laughing secretly.

“Chi.” Ye Xuan Chen glared at Nie Xiao Jiu who was rocking back and forth with laughter, grabbed the lollipop he had just opened but hadn’t eaten yet, quickly stuffed it into his mouth, then walked out of the classroom, waving as he walked: “I, this young master, will be back as soon as I go!”

This series of actions, were done in one go, the back of his figure looking chic as he left, simply cool that all the girls in the class screamed with red faces.

Before the screams of the girls rang out, Nie Xiao Jiu stood up angrily from the table and pointed frantically at Ye Xuan Chen’s back as he left: “Damn it, Ye, Xuan, Chen, I, this young master isn’t done with you yet!”

Following Fu Siyu all the way to the floor of the teachers department, Ye Xuan Chen followed him into the office alone.

It stood to reason that ordinary teachers like Fu Siyu shouldn’t have a separate office, but sure enough, having a high pay and being a who had been talent scouted, his treatment was different from the others.

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