This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 107 Obviously more terrible than those beast!

Just as Ye Xuan Chen’s thought fell, the sound of several high heels pounding on the ground came from behind. Listening to the sound of these footsteps, it seemed as if it was a mad scramble.

Soon, several pungent perfumes of different flavors entered Ye Xuan Chen’s nose. He immediately walked away from the door and stood to the side.

A beautiful teacher with long hair wearing a pink suit appeared at the door first, gasping for breath, “Tea… Teacher Fu, your class is over, do you have time at noon? Should we have lunch together?”

She had just finished when several female teachers from the back also run over, glaring at her at the same time. The beautiful teacher with the long straight who had arrived first looked at them and for a while, the thick smell of gunpowder filled the doorway.

A female teacher with long chestnut colored wavy and curly hair with delicate makeup on her face looked at the female teacher who had arrived first unhappily then flipped her hair, saying in a coquettish tone: “Teacher Fu, are you free tonight? I heard you were living in country M before. A new western restaurant just opened at Yujiang International, a very popular restaurant in country M. Should we go together this evening?”

“What’s so delicious about western food? Teacher Fu has been in country M for so long, he must be tired of it. I know a very good Chinese restaurant. Teacher Fu, shall we go together tomorrow?” A short-haired beautiful teacher with a short but very hot body looked disdainfully at the long chestnut colored wavy and curly haired beauty and covered her mouth with a light chuckle.

Although this short-haired beauty was short, she was wearing a pair of fifteen-centimeter high-heeled shoes, making Ye Xuan Chen who was watching speechless with wonder.

In addition to these female teachers, there were still a few behind but because the doorway was only so large, with the people in the front deliberately blocking the view of the people in the back, the people behind couldn’t push their head in.

Ye Xuan Chen looked at the stiff smile on Fu Siyu’s face and a gloating smile immediately appeared on his, then he leaned directly to the side to watch the show.

When Fu Siyu saw Ye Xuan Chen’s gloating smile, the corners of his lips rose up gradually, making Ye Xuan Chen have a bad feeling all of a sudden…

Fu Siyu looked at the female teachers around the door and touch of an apology showed on his gentle handsome face. He said, “Sorry, my student previously failed in a lot of subjects so I have to tutor him in the next few days, otherwise the score line will be pulled down and it will be difficult for me to live up to the expectations of the principal.”

“….” Ye Xuan Chen’s face turned dark. He didn’t expect Fu Siyu to actually use him.

The female teachers froze, then noticed Ye Xuan Chen on the side. Instantly, the gaze with which they used to look at Ye Xuan Chen were filled with malice.

What big scenes had Ye Xuan Chen not seen before? Even when he was facing a group of powerful beasts who could swallow a person whole without spitting out the bones he wouldn’t blink, but… this group of women were obviously more terrible than those beasts!

“Cough…” Ye Xuan Chen coughed lightly. He wasn’t someone others could use as they pleased. He smiled, “Teacher Fu, you’ve already had a tough day in class, how can I still take up your personal time? So….”

“This is a teacher’s responsibility. Student Ye, if you really feel bad then study hard.” Fu Siyu interrupted Ye Xuan Chen’s words, then smiled at the female teachers crowded in the doorway: “Sorry, I don’t have much time, I want to start tutoring my student.”

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